Let The Rookie Signing Begin!

As in past years with Jerry Jones he starts to negotiate with his draft picks a week before training camp starts. The first signings are in as of this evening and all are to believed four year deals, but that is not confirmed.

4th RD – Victor Butler  DE/LB

5th RD – DeAngelo Smith S/CB

6th RD – Stephen Hodge LB

6th RD – John Phillips TE

7th RD – Manuel Johnson WR

7th RD – Mike Mickens CB

Still left to be signed

3rd RD – Jason Williams LB

3rd RD – Robert Brewster T

4th RD – Stephen McGee QB

4th RD – Brandon Williams DE

5th RD – Michael Hamlin S

5th RD – David Buehler K

None of the remaining unsigned draft picks are expected to miss the start of training camp next week. Let’s get this thing started!!!

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  1. TW601
    TW601 says:

    The Cowboys are gonna be a very young and a very good team for years to come once we get a great coach who can get the most out of our role players as well as our superstars.


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