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As we get closer to July 28th and the opening of training camp there isn’t much news floating around. But I did find a few things that I wanted to share.

First thing is this whole Greg Ellis-DeMarcus Ware thing going on. Ellis claims that Ware would hide on the sidelines during games so that Ellis could get more playing time.


“It’s a disgrace when DeMarcus Ware comes off the field just so I can get in the game and when the coaches tell him to come on the field, he tries to hide so I can play,” Ellis said on Irvin’s show. “And you’re telling me we’re trying to win the Super Bowl?”

When asked about Ellis’ claim Ware was too nice to shoot down what he said, but that was not the case with Bradie James.


“Never seen anything like that,” James said with a bemused chuckle. “I don’t know where that came from. Greg … (sighs) … we’ve just gotta move on.

“We’re talking about probably the best defensive player in the league. There’s no way he can hide. Even the birds, they know where No. 94 is, so there’s no hide-and-go-seek.”

Here is some proof that backs up what Bradie James is saying as reported on who got their information from This is a game by game list of Ware’s game participation.

Cleveland – 50/50
Philadelphia – 67/68
Packers – 66/71
Washington – 73/74
Cincinnati – 68/69
Arizona – 59/59
St. Louis – 64/64
Tampa Bay – 68/68
New York – 71/74
Washington – 57/57
San Francisco – 53/55
Seattle — 60/70 (sat out final 10 snaps after injuring knee)
Pittsburgh – 70/70
New York – 65/67
Baltimore – 71/71
Philadelphia – 59/59

If you add it up that is 1,021 out of 1,046 plays that DeMarcus Ware was on the field or 97.6%. Only 25 plays that Ware was not on the field and 10 of those because he hurt his knee. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ellis as a player, but over the last few off-seasons we all know that he always had something to say. He was always complaining about his playing time. Yes, it’s time to move on. I wish Anthony Spencer all the luck because if he is the kind of player that the coaches think he is then combined with Ware on the other side it should be great to watch.

Pearson and the Ring of Honor

There has been a lot of talk about who should be the next player inducted into the Dallas Ring of Honor. My personal choices would be either Drew Pearson or Harvey Martin. I was very disappointed when Jerry Jones said no one would be going into the Ring this season. Drew Pearson said he isn’t holding his breath about getting into the Ring anytime soon.

“There’s nothing you can do about it,” Pearson said on ESPN 103.3. “My records speak to itself. I can’t add to those numbers. I can’t go out there and catch any more passes. It’s there. If it’s good enough, then I’ll be up there. If it’s not, then I won’t, and apparently at this point, it’s not.”

Drew Pearson said he has never discussed the Ring of Honor with Jerry Jones who is the only one who makes the decisions on who gets inducted.Pearson said he presented a business idea to Jones a few years ago, but never got a call back from Jones. Pearson also said they see each other at functions and they only make small talk.

“He speaks to me,” Pearson said, “but you know, with all due respect, he calls me Preston more than he calls me Drew.”

I had to laugh after reading that. Come on now! This is Drew Pearson, aka Mr. Clutch. How can he not be in the Ring of Honor? How can he not be in the Hall of Fame? Pearson caught 489 passes as a Cowboy for 7,822 yards and 48 TDs. Oh, by the way Pearson also threw touchdown passes in 1974, 1976 and 1981. Give Drew Pearson what he deserves.

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  1. Toa
    Toa says:

    Ellis is a Joke. I wish the Boys drafted Moss instead of Ellis. And Pearson should have been in the Ring Of Honor a long time ago.

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Ellis is goofy lol he is a Raider….nuff said

    Pearson is the original 88 he should be up there with the legends of the star


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