Poll Results: What You Will Miss The Most

Poll Results: What are you going to miss the most this season?


I was looking to have a little bit of fun with this poll in the downtime of the off season right before Training Camp got rolling. The answer was obvious before the poll was created, while 58% of voters agreed that they will miss Texas Stadium the most, 42% picked a different answer.

A lot of fans really enjoyed getting their popcorn ready and it showed when 32% of you voted. Sadly not many fans will miss screaming for Superman (Roy Williams), Pacman Fever (Adam Jones) or Johnson & Johnson (Brad Johnson and Tank Johnson).

The hardest part of being a football fan is getting attached to players and then watching them go to a different team. But unfortunately its part of the game. Indefinite loyalty has to belong to the team, not the player. Don’t get me wrong, you can follow other players and respect them, however when it comes down to it your support it has to be with the team.

Fans have gotten even more attached to the landmark that has not let our team down since 1971. Leaving the only home that most fans will definitely take some getting used to. But it sure makes it easier when you move into a brand new state-of-the-art billion dollar home. All the memories will serve us well and hopefully our team will begin making new glorious memories this season. Texas Stadium you have served us well; Cowboys Stadium now its your turn!


With training camp getting underway this week, here is a more serious question for fans…

New Poll:Which of these key position battles do you think will be most interesting?

Please place your votes in the poll section on the right column.

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  1. soberstar06
    soberstar06 says:

    Great poll, even though I did not vote on this one I dont understand just cause one player left who started it all you cant get your popcorn reaDY and watch the Boys just win baBY.maybe its super strenght of a super hero that we needed all along instead of relying on popcorn lol.. Just for fun…

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Nice poll Kelly, No one is really talking about it but i’d like to see the fight for the number 2 WR position… I’m not sure Crayton has it locked. I hope he can prove me wrong because i like him as a person, but miles austin and hurd are only getting better.


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