Sleeping with the Enemy

As I was going to pick up my friend from the doctor I was wearing my brand new Jason Witten throwback jersey with some new jeans. It’s 90 degrees but I didn’t care. I hopped into my father in-law’s minivan and started up the van. Hanging from the rear-mirror was a large Cowboys medallion connect from silver and blue beads. It was large enough for others to see. In fact I was honked at by a fellow Cowboys fan and given the finger by a Redskin fan.

All was good until I heard, “Hell yeah, 6 rings baby”. Which was yelled at me by a guy in a tricked out Hummer. The reason he said that was flying high on my father in-laws van was a large Pittsburgh Steelers flag. That’s right folks, my lovely wife is and always will be a Steelers fan.

I am not the only husband/wife/bf/gf that has a loved one who loves another team. In fact, to my dismay I never had a partner that liked the Cowboys. I broke up with a girl who was Redskins fan, she hated the Cowboys that bad. I wish I could lie to you about that.

In the nation’s capital it’s already about 55% Skins fan to 40% Cowboys fans and the other 5% is a mesh of Steeler, Ravens, Eagles, Giants, 49ers and Vikings fans. So the chance you’ll end up with someone who doesn’t like your team will happen.Who knew that “What football team do you like?” would have to be a requirement to date someone in D.C.

Now I must say you have to draw the line somewhere with your better half and…kinda like their team. Hey, there’s no way around it. My wife is in love with Demarcus Ware and Marion Barber. She’s trying to make me get dreadlocks so I can look like Marion. Lucky for her I have tough skin (due to dealing with Skins fans) so all of her family’s rants on how the Steelers owned the Cowboys in the 70’s doesn’t hurt me. And to be frank I am jealous of the Steelers. They have a better coach and defense, and the bigger slap in the face, they have one more ring then us. But, I love the Samoan Headhunt.

I’ve seen relationships like this and I laugh because it’s fun. My friend wife is a Redskins fan. I mean a BIG Redskins fan. She dressed up her son as a “Mini-Hog”. Man did that piss him off. But it all comes back to one thing, love.

If you love your better half you will put up with all of that. Even if she bought you a shirt that said “We have 6, you got 5, we win again”. You know what, I take that back. I hate my wife. Let’s go Boys’!!!

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    That was an awesome post, thanks for sharing. I bet it gets a little dicey when both teams play each other. Do you watch the game in different rooms? I couldn’t handle it, lol.

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    My best friends are Chief fans, another friend is a Bronco fan and before she moved in with me my own daughter was a Eli Manning fan! I wrote a blog about a traitor in the family! lol I used to really I mean really upset. I have learned to laugh at them most of the time! There are still times I want to sock it to them lol. Most of my family are cowboy fans. My husband is one of these that could really care less, but he picks the team I hate Eagles but there is nothing Eagles in this house! lol

  3. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Well, I must really love my wife then. I met her about five days after Dallas won Super Bowl XXX. Do the math on how well the Boys have done since then. Then in 2000 I thought bringing her to a Dallas-Giants game would break the jinx and Aikman went on to throw a career high 5 interceptions. 🙁

  4. soberstar06
    soberstar06 says:

    Wow great article, My wife grew up being a 49ers fan but not really a fanatic till I came around. I can truly say that she is a proud converted die hard cowboys fan. We have been to 2 training camps together and is officially # 79 jersey. # IS BASED ON THE YEAR SHE WAS BORN.
    Go cowboys!!!

  5. Ayre
    Ayre says:

    I was born and raised in D.C. still live here but it’s more like a 60-40 thing Redskins to Cowboys fan ratio but there are a lot of Steelers fans here too. It’s a transplant town so it ranges but the aforementioned are the biggest three.


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