Troy Aikman Going Into College Football Hall of Fame

Troy Aikman will be inducted into The College Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. Although Aikman is best known for leading the Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles in the 90’s and being one of the most accurate passes in NFL history, Aikman says he feels like his college career is incomplete.

“The one I regret I have on any level is that I didn’t lead a team to the Rose Bowl,” the three-time Super Bowl champion said. “I think a lot of times in the NFL a quarterback is measured by whether or not you lead a team to a championship. For me at UCLA, it was whether or not you led your team to the Rose Bowl. I failed to do that.”

“My college career, in my opinion, is not quite complete,” he said.

What most don’t remember is that Troy Aikman was a part of a National Championship team in 1985 with the Oklahoma Sooners before transferring to UCLA. He broke his leg early in the season and the Sooners went onto win the Championship. Aikman transferred to UCLA after the 1985 season, but had to redshirt for one season due to college transfer rules. AIkman started two season for UCLA and passed for 5,298 yards and 41 TDs. He was considered one of the best QBs in college in 1989 after his senior season, but missed out on the Heisman Trophy to some player named Barry Sanders.

Aikman will be inducted along with one of his favorite targets while with the Cowboys, Jay Novacek.

“Because he’s also someone I think is worthy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” Aikman said. “He’s a very understated player. For me to have a chance to go in with him into the College Football Hall of Fame is about as meaningful as anything that could have happened.”

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Roy Williams is tired of having his words twisted around every time he speaks to the media. He is considering not speaking to the media anymore this season.

“It’s just that no matter what I say, it’s always going to get turned around and be pointed in a negative way,” Williams said. “So I’m just going to shut up and play ball.”

Ken Hamlin had some things to say about Tony Romo, his receivers and the end of the 2008 season.

About Tony Romo reported on…

“He has to be a vocal leader. He has to be the one and go out and take command of this team. He is the leader of this team. I think he’s done that, especially this offseason. He’s been more vocal. He’s going out and working hard, doing extra with Roy (Williams) and some of the other receivers. It’s showing. Those guys are getting on the same page. Hopefully we can start off and we’re clicking from the jump.”

Ken Hamlin on…–Hamlin-on-Romo–T-O-.html

Adam Jones was back in the news the other day. ESPN released this video from the nightclub Pacman was at in February of 2007 before the shootings happened. Kelly forwarded this to me yesterday and it can be disturbing. Well, actually it is disturbing.

I for one am offended by his actions and his total disrespect for those girls and everyone around him. That goes for all the others as well, not just Pacman. We can all read article after article about every thing that happened that night, but when it’s viewed than it puts it in a whole new light for me. This man should never play football again and I am ashamed that he ever wore a Dallas Cowboys uniform.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Its about time, I thought Troy was already in the College HOF lol.

    As for Roy not talking to the media, umm yeah thats gonna make them stop talking trash on him lol. I dont really care what the media says Roy as long as you perform on the field.

    Pacman is a punkass…


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