T’was the Night Before Camp Opens and…

Wade Phillips showed some fire during today’s press conference with owner Jerry Jones. Hopefully Phillips fire was real and not just some smoke.

“We were knocked down some last year, and we’re gonna get back up,” he said, smacking the Built Ford Tough podium for emphasis. “We’re gonna get back up fighting!”

“We’re winning, but we’re not winning enough,” he said. “That’s the step we want to take.”

Here is a shortened video of the press conference posted by DallasNews.com.


Jerry Jones informed the audience at the press conference today that Wade Phillips is the only choice for the Cowboys and that the team will benefit from him. Although, if that is true than why hasn’t Wade been signed to a contract extension since he is entering his final year? My guess is that Jerry Jones is waiting to see the results from 2009.

“I want to emphasize this,” Jerry said. “I’m so solid in my thinking that by having Wade Phillips as our head coach and what he brings with his experience and what he brings to the table with his experience as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, with his full perspective of his first year as head coach and his second year as head coach, I like that mix. I like that combination of not only his skill but what he brings to the table, and I like what our players see when he steps up there as our head coach.”

“There was no wavering because I know it’s the best thing for the Dallas Cowboys to have Wade Phillips as our head coach,” Jerry said.

“I don’t worry about my job,” Phillips said. “I worry about the job I’m doing.”

Nothing new to report on the new contract for DeMarcus Ware. Reported by DallasNews.com…

“It’s still a top priority for us,” said Stephen Jones, who declined to comment specifically about the negotiations with Ware’s agent, Pat Dye Jr. “Our hope would be that we’ll get something done.”

“From what I’ve seen, he can compartmentalize his business both on and off the field,” Jones said. “I feel comfortable that he’ll be just fine with that.”

We have all seen DeMarcus Ware develop into one of the top defensive players in the NFL. In my opinion Ware is the best in the NFL. And when other players threaten to stay away from camp over contracts and even hold out from camp, Ware is a professional and is preparing himself for the season and not wanting to let his teammates or coaches down. GET DEMARCUS WARE SIGNED NOW, PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    GIVE WARE THE MONEY! I was shopping today and seen our beloved 94 on several magazine covers. We want him in Dallas for life! Get it done!

    The same does not apply to Wade, although I am behind him as long as he holds the reigns.


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