More fun from Tashard Choice featuring Marcus Spears

Here is the latest video from Tashard Choice. Can not decide if it’s the video that is funny or it’s the laughing from the other players that makes me laugh more.

  1. Kelly Horn


  2. April

    Marcus Spears has nice teeth. That was funny and yes if that was Tashard laughing in the background that made it more funny.

  3. That was priceless. Pat McQuistan shoulda got off his butt and joined Spears on vocals. Dang…

  4. nate

    lmao…that was good. i agree about mcquistan. looks like someone spit in his capn crunch.

  5. soberstar06

    LMAO…. @ Da 1:36 or 36 mark you can actually someone in the background drop there towel. HAHA I wonder if they review this before exposing it out. Dont ask me how I caught that, my eyes just wonder off for a min lol.