UPDATE – Conflicting Reports on Roy Williams Shoulder Injury

It is being reported by ProFootballTalk.com that Roy Williams broke his collarbone during practice tonight. The injury occurred when Williams and Orlando Scandrick collided with each other without shoulder pads.

Usually a broken collarbone requires six to eight weeks to heal.

This is only speculation as other reports are saying that x-rays were negative on Roy Williams’ shoulder.

Will keep watching for updates. Let’s hope it’s not true.

UPDATE - ProFootballTalk.com is now saying that the x-rays were unexpectedly negative. Not sure what that means exactly. But for now they are calling it a sprained shoulder. Williams has been sent home for the night to ice down the shoulder. Tomorrow he will go for an MRI.

  1. James edwards

    dang man see a reciever in the draft is sounding really smart right now

  2. Kelly Horn

    Say it aint so!!!

  3. nate

    my boy roy should just rest and wait for the season to start. he’ll be ok.

  4. Tom

    Profootballtalk.com isn’t exactly a totally newsworthy site…I’ll wait for the official word.

  5. Tom

    “Unexpectedly negative” means that they got it WRONG and are covering for themselves…see! NO Cred!

  6. Full Metal Black

    Zero cred, DallasCowboys.com said there going to have a MRI this morning to see if there was any serious damage. But for the most part it was serious stinger. No suprised when you get nail while not playing in pads. I’m like Nate…sit down and wait for the season opener!