Cowboys Stadium-Punting Flaw?

The Titans think they have revealed a flaw in the new Cowboys Stadium and it looks like maybe they have.

Punting is a normal part of a football game and always will be. In the new $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium the video board that was installed is sitting at 100 feet above the field and cost $40 million, it extends from 20 yard to 20 yard line. It is a great thing for the fans in the stadium because it allows you to see the action no matter where you are in the stadium, however it may very well be in the way of some punts.


Punters are going have to find a way not to punt the ball to high, because if they do the ball could hit as it did in the Cowboys’ second pre-season game against the Titans. Titans’ punter A.J. Trapasso actually hit the bottom of the video board and due to the dead ball ruling was allowed to re-punt.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones believes that this not an issue and that the rule is clear – if it hits it, just re-punt.

Yes, when the stadium was built this possiblity should have been thought of and maybe it was and could have been deemed as not an issue, since both teams have to deal with it. Yet it is still a weird thing because it may cause punters to punt the ball a little differently in the Cowboys’ stadium. I guess maybe they should do what the arena league did with the nets at the end of the field and just play the ball off of the video board… hee hee.

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  1. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    League height minimum for scoreboards is 85 feet. This one is at 90. The punter kicked the ball straight up in the air. He was trying to hit the board. From what I’ve heard it can be raised like 25 feet. I say raise it 10 feet and call it good. Raising a screen that size up 10 feet will be barely noticeable and should solve the problem.

  2. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    This problem was thought of the rule for video boards as Cowboys Bill said is 85 feet this sits well above the league minimum. No Flaw we all knew how big it was and the fact that the punt hit it is not saying there is something wrong with it and it’s not an advantage to Dallas because….duh Dallas has to punt to.


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