Kickers Get No Respect…Or Do They?

Rookie kicker David Buehler wears many different hats for the Cowboys. He has all but secured a spot on the roster with his kickoffs into the end zone. Something that the Cowboys were lacking the last few seasons. Nick Folk is a great kicker and the confidence is high whenever he lines up for a FG attempt, but his kickoffs were just not good enough. Buehler has also become part of the special teams unit and even was credited with two tackles against the Raiders last week.

Now Buehler has added racing to his resume. This afternoon he faced off with rookie S/CB DeAngelo Smith. And as reported by Buehler didn’t just beat Smith he smoked him by about three yards. Holding out his arms in victory as he finished the race.

“There was a lot of trash-talking in the locker room,” Buehler said. “DeAngelo’s pretty confident in his speed. I knew I was fast, so I decided to challenge him.

“I just got in the locker room today and I felt like racing somebody. All these guys talk about how fast they are, and I just wanted to compete.”

“I was talking trash,” Smith said. “He beat me fair and square . . . He had fresh legs and everything, but there’s no excuse, I should be winning anyway. We’re going to race again, though.”

No camp cupcake

If anyone mentions camp cupcake to Bradie James this training camp he will be the first to disagree with you.

“It was a tough camp. I want everyone to know that,” James said. “We had a whole bunch of practices.

“This camp has been like two of the other camps put together, you know what I mean? I haven’t heard anyone call this one Cupcake. We pretty much put a lot of work in this. Now we are ready to come together and see how it pays off.”

“Look at the practices. Before he was a guy you could go and say we might be tired,” James said. “But he challenged us from the jump, saying no complaining, no excuses. So there’s no need to go in there and ask not to have a two-a-day. This was the last work day, but we still had a two-a-day. It was on the schedule. He’s pretty much sticking to his guns, so that’s been different.”

Switching numbers

Some of the receivers and running backs are having some fun this week as they switch jerseys during practice.Yesterday Roy Williams came out for practice in the morning with Marion Barber’s 24 jersey. Wade Phillips said Williams and Romo had their best session to date. In the afternoon Williams came out for practice with Mike Jefferson’s 81 jersey. Which bought back memories of another 81 who shall remain nameless. Williams and Romo continued to connect with each other during the afternoon practice.

“Once I got 81 on, I got about 50 balls today,” Williams joked.

In other news

Recently waived Mike Hawkins has been claimed by Tampa Bay.

Defensive end Marcus Dixon suffered a strained groin and missed the afternoon practice.

Running back Alonzo Coleman cleared waivers and the Cowboys are looking to work out an injury settlement with him.

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    That number switching was confusing the heck out of me lol. As for the kickers, you are absolutely right. They get no respect and yet you could reel off a dozen dramatic wins off the top of your head that came down to kick in the final seconds.

  2. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Buehler is pretty amazing! Thats wonderful. I think we questioned that move in the draft but it makes perfect sense now.

    And Nick the Folk Hero really has saved our butts several times, BUFFALO!

    But you are right, no respect dang it! I tried to bring the lack of respect to light last year when McBriar went down. Not many people “get it”.



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