Now That’s More Like It; Cowboys Top Titans 30-10

Felix Jones TDThe Cowboys broke in their new stadium with a well played 30-10 win over the Tennessee Titans, much to the delight of a raucous crowd of over 75,000 screaming and adoring fans.

While the spectacular new Cowboys Stadium stole much of the spotlight, the Cowboys made some magic of their own as they beat a solid Titans team that finished 13-3 last season to win their division.

Jerry Jones was smiling from ear to ear. “A great night. A great crowd. And an event we will remember for a long, long time.”

Now I wouldn’t exactly go that far, as it was only a pre season game, but it was a satisfying win all the same.

The first team offense played the entire first half and by all accounts, they were firing on all cylinders. Quarterback Tony Romo, executed two solid scoring drives of 90 and 79 yards, and had a great night passing completing 18 of 24 passes for 192 yards. He once again spread the ball around, as he did last week, and completed passes to seven different receivers.

For those of you who are still worried about Roy Williams, you can step back from the ledge as Romo connected with him five times last night. One receiver who really stood out was rookie Kevin Ogletree, who had three catches for 37 yards, including a 21-yard touchdown.

The running game was in the capable hands of Marion Barber and Felix Jones who both notched touchdowns in the first half. Jones thrilled the masses with an electrifying 42-yard catch and run that led to his one-yard TD run with seconds left in the half. Jones continues to impress me, and there’s a certain energy on the field whenever he’s in the backfield.

Barber TDDefensively, the Cowboys were nearly flawless compared to their erratic and inconsistent play in the first pre season game. The one mistake was when cornerback Mike Jenkins got burned for a 17-yard touchdown pass to Justin Gage that looked like it could have been prevented. It was Jenkins’ first game after missing last week due to an injury, so I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. The bottom line is that our guys looked sharp, tough and determined. Heck even Bobby Carpenter managed to get a sack in what might be his one Kodak moment of his career. (Sorry Bobby, I gotta tell it like it is.)

Special Teams continues to nosedive and we’re still waiting for this new and improved play that was promised by Wade Phillips and Joe DeCamillis. Last night they muffed a few punts, missed a field goal, got burned for a 51 yard kickoff return, and allowed way too many yards on punt returns. It was obscene and so were the penalties. That said, there’s still time for special teams to get it together, but the clock is ticking.

All in all it was a good win for the Cowboys and they showed a lot of fight and determination in this one. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that this was just the start of something big as I wrote on Friday morning.

Go Cowboys!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Go Ogletree!!! Great post Joe. Loved the game, except for the penalties. Remember we are not even supposed to make the playoffs and let everyone keep thinking that. Everyone…except us!!!

  2. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Excellent recap for an excellent game.

    Special teams is still lacking but the O and the D were on FIRE!

    Awesome start to the weekend!

    P.S. Tell FOX we can deal without the Favre and Vick updates every 10 minutes …dang!

  3. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    I saw the whole first half and only the last few moments of the 4th. The first team looks good. I’m not to happy with the special teams but its a work in progess. For the most part I loved what I saw.

  4. C Moore
    C Moore says:

    Tony just took a huge step in solidifying the fact that he’s the leader of this team…. I believe that when he goes, so do the Cowboys….

    Work on the offensive penalties… and the special teams… and they’d be great….

    Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride….



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