Protect That Ball!

One thing the Cowboys and Tony Romo are concentrating on in training camp this season is cutting down on his turnovers, especially his fumbles. Romo’s case of Slippery Pigskin syndrome last year made any fan cringe at the sight of him carelessly running around the pocket with the ball unprotected in one hand trying to make a play. Don’t get me wrong we love the heart and effort, but he has to recognize when to eat the ball or throw it away.

So now if he can take what he is working on in camp into games he should be able to cut down on the 21 total turnovers he had last season, 14 being interceptions, 7 LOST fumbles and another 6 that were recovered by Cowboys.

It really hurt Dallas last year in the last game of the season against the Eagles with the winner heading to the playoffs. Romo fumbled twice in that very important painful game, and one of them was returned for a 73 yard touchdown.

Of course he did have a broken Pinkie finger part of last season that may have attributed to some of the fumbles but prior to that he had already lost 3 in the six games before his injury. The seven lost fumbles last season was more than he had as a starter in his first season and a half so I am willing to put most of the blame on that little broken digit.

The Associated Press reported on Sporting News that “early in off season workouts, Romo started talking about cutting down on risky throws and being quicker to take a sack or throw the ball away. He also said he was serious about getting a better grip on the ball while scrambling”.

This became evident on one play in practice when “surrounded in the pocket on one play, he pulled the ball in tight until just before throwing a completion. Romo did the same thing while rolling out to his right near the goal line a few snaps later, instead of holding the ball away from his body with one hand while running like he so often has done in the past”.

Head coach Wade Phillips is pleased on how his quarterback is progressing with this, as well as how he is maturing as a player.

“He’s a natural. He sees so many things and he has such a quick release, and he’s so accurate,” Phillips said. “He just makes fantastic plays. We see it every day on tape. … He makes a throw that you say, `Wow, what a play.’ That’s what the great ones do.”

Its a long season, but lets see how he does this Friday night against Tennessee in the Cowboys new stadium. We should see him play a few more series than he did in the Raider game, which will help him get ready for the games that count.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Excellent topic! I know we are all hoping that the Romo from 07 returns this year. A lot of our success will depend on if Romo has his stuff or not. I really think he will!


  2. Greg Bilyeu
    Greg Bilyeu says:


    “Romo’s case of Slippery Pigskin syndrome last year made any fan cringe at the sight of him carelessly running around the pocket with the ball unprotected in one hand trying to make a play.”

    You have to take the good with the bad, but if he can cut this down to a minimum, the team is much stronger.

  3. April
    April says:

    I’m excited to see Romo play more than a series this friday against the Titans. Romo wants to win and he wants to get better if not for himself for his team and the fans. I’m looking forward to seeing the 2009 Romo who will hopefully be better than 2007 and emerge from a semi dissappointing 2008 its all about progression and going from one level to the next. I’m a patient fan because for some, excellence is a process that you strive for and I believe Romo is striving to be The QB we all know he can be.

    • TJ Cooper
      TJ Cooper says:

      I agree April. With out a lot of the distractions that have been in his life last year (T.O., Jessica) he will thrive and reach that level he is destined to reach.

  4. Corey Moore
    Corey Moore says:

    I really like this. Like Phillips said, It’s a sign of his maturation. If Romo matures into a Top 5 QB… The Cowboys will be unstoppable. We already know he’s a great QB, and will be the next to lead us to a Superbowl…. and I believe that this step 1.

    People who criticize Romo, were also quick to criticize Peyton Manning before he won a Superbowl, or was it a playoff game? I can’t remember. But Now the same critics are praising Manning. My point? The Romo critics (ESPN) will undoubtedly be praising him…. and it will be soon, in my opinion.

  5. Jon
    Jon says:

    It would be nice to have the 07 Romo back Kel and yes a great topic!! Im really excited regardless of what happens in the preseason. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!

  6. james
    james says:

    Yeah…im seeing a big season for Romo. He has got rid of the divas (T.O & Jessica). And he has a new mentor (Jon Kitna). Hopefully kitna can provide toughness and smarts when it comes to December. I also believe Kitna can get Romo on the same page with Roy Williams (His former go to guy in Detroit).


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