Romo Continues To Learn and Get Better

Tony Romo is about to start his third full season as the Cowboys quarterback. Romo has been praised since day one back in 2006 when he took over for Drew Bledsoe. He was put on top of the world as the QB of America’s team. But those same media people who praised him and ran him up the QB ladder are the same people who knock him every chance they get. Romo’s not a leader, he can’t handle the pressure in December and January, he doesn’t focus on football. I’m not sure how Romo feels about what has been said about him in the last few seasons, but if it was me it would have to effect me to a certain point.

Tony Romo has lead this team as a true professional in my opinion. Sure it’s easy to blame the QB when things go wrong, but Romo does not deserve all the blame. I believe 2009 will be a turning point for Romo. He continues to learn the game and wants to get better. This team belongs to him now especially that a certain receiver is no longer with the team. He does not have to focus on one guy anymore. Now he can focus on what needs to be done during a game and find the open receiver. Reading the quotes below makes me think that Romo is moving in the right direction as a football player and as a team leader.

“Obviously the way I was before wasn’t getting the job done to the extent to the goal you want to accomplish,” Romo said. “So you just keep going and keep going and hopefully you are able to accomplish that one day. I can see improvement.”

“Either you are trying to get better or you are content as a player,” Romo said. “I am not content. I don’t think this team is. We are striving to be a team that we hope can make everybody excited or have an exciting time watching us play this season. We are enjoying it.”

“I feel like each year I play this game I get better just because you work at it, you think about it, you try and correct it,” said Romo, who is coming off his first non-Pro Bowl season since becoming the full-time starter in 2006. “I had a friend tell me once, `You just keep getting better and everything will take care of itself.”’

“That is part of the position,” Romo said. “Until we do something that people want to be really proud of, they are going to say that. They deserve that right. That is part of being a fan.

“I’m that way when I watch other sports. ‘Oh, what is he doing? Why did he do that? Why did he make that decision?’ I’m not naive to that. I understand. It’s not going to stop me from working and trying to get better the next time.”

Ware wants to be more destructive

Wow! That’s a scary thought, especially for any offense going against Ware. Watching Ware play reminds me of how I felt when I watched Charles Haley during the 1992 and 1993 seasons. It was a feeling that he was going to do something special on every play. Ware who should have been the defensive player of the year last season with 20 sacks will be even better this season as Wade Phillips moves him around the defense. And now Ware is saying he wants to be more destructive? I for one can not wait to see what happens.

Reported by Ware wants to create turnovers every time he gets a blindside shot at a QB and wants to rip the ball out when he is involved in gang tackles.

“What can I do to get better for next season?” Ware said. “The main thing for me is takeaways.”

“You can get a sack, but I’m talking about getting a sack and knocking the ball out,” Ware said. “Sack-strip, even when you’re about to make a play from the backside and they don’t know that you’re coming, so instead of just tackling him, knocking the ball out. That’s what I’ve been working on.”

Folk isn’t too concerned about preseason performance

As reported on Nick Folk is trying to work through the hip surgery he had during the off-season. Folk has already equaled the number of FG misses this preseason that he had all of 2008 which was two. He is not overly concerned and believes he will get back to where he once was.

“It’s coming along day by day,” Folk said. “It’s really more a of a mental thing right now. I know it’s there and I’m trying to block it out. I don’t blame (the missed kicks) on the injury. I didn’t kick them as well as I should. But I think I’ll get it going here pretty soon. I’m really not that worried.”

“I’m a perfectionist and so I know that I need to make those kicks,” Folk said. “It doesn’t matter if you kicked one off the dirt (in Oakland) and another one hit the upright from 49. That doesn’t matter. My job is to make kicks.”

Injury News

Martellus Bennett was held out of practice today due to a stomach virus.

Sam Hurd sat out a second day of practice due to a bruised quad, but he should be able to play Saturday night.

Marcus Spears missed practice on Tuesday and returned Wednesday, but was limited due to a thigh contusion. It is unknown whether he will play Saturday night.

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    KO$DOUBLE$ says:

    D WARE is a beast its scary to hear that come from him because he is already as good as any1 in the nfl at his postion and for him to get more takeaways well that would make more of an argument that the guy is the best defensive player in the nfl!!Im not gonna lie I hear about this hip surgery that are kicker went threw and it kinda makes me think a little,you need your hip to kick feild goals accurately right lol,hope he can work hard at it and get back to shape like when he made that feild goal in buffalo a while back which i was at that game lol,anyways i no this doesent mean much but i have always liked romo,he seems like he has guts and smarts about him,if only he can become more vocal and demanding of focus and precision from other players like aikman and irvin did on the sideline.I really hope that wade phillips has got these guys ready, focused, hungry, healthy, and ready to make statements in the months to come ,the last 5 games scare me but its always tuff at the end of the year. i just hope that they work hard enough the whole season in dec two,to put a who season together i hope what i hear about wade phillips style of coaching is untrue,you dont always have to be fireree and intimadating to get guys to win big games,that all being said i cannot wait untill the first game and to watch the nfl this year,hopefully we will have a respectfull season and atleast romo can win 1 or 2 playoff games at least or go to the superbowl or win it!!wishfull thinking but i look at this team and i like alot what i see there are some real good football players!!!


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