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For those of us who expected to see a new and energized Cowboys team on the field last night, what a let down the first pre season game was. It seemed remarkably similar to the beating we got in Philadelphia to end last season. Sure, many of the faces were different, but the results were shockingly familiar as the Silver and Black pounded the Silver and Blue 31-10.

Usually, I don’t get too riled up over the results of a pre season game, especially the first one of the season, but last nights embarrassment had too many instances that brought back the failures and missteps of last season.

To begin, our defense allowed 456 total yards including an un-godly 280 yards rushing. Wow, you can’t really get much worse than that. And yes, our starters only played in one quarter, but when the Raiders piled on in the second half, it was mostly their third team players. That was totally demoralizing to say the least.

And what the hell was all those penalties? I thought Phillips said he was going to focus on minimizing the penalties? The Cowboys lost over 100 yards on 11 penalties last night.

There were plenty of positives to take away from this game and most of them were on offense.

Felix Jones is absolute gold and an electrifying presence when he’s on the field. He had a pass and one rush for 29 yards, and had a key block that setup the Cowboy’s lone scoring drive.

Sam Hurd had a fantastic day and hauled in five catches for 79 yards. If I am Miles Austin, I’d be worried right about now. Austin looked slow and had a dropped pass in the game. If he expects to be the third receiver, he may wants to take lessons from Sam Hurd.

I don’t know how to read Tony Romo’s performance. He had one terrible drive followed by one impressive scoring drive. After a three and out, he came back the second time around and engineered a picture perfect drive which included utilizing all of his weapons. The touchdown strike to Witten capped a drive that featured Martellus Bennett, Roy Williams, Marion Barber and Felix Jones. It’s all part of the new philosophy of spreading the ball around.

The first team offense only played the first quarter, but in those 15 minutes they showed glimpses of what could be one of the top offenses in the league in 2009.

Special Teams continues to struggle. Last night seemed like we were watching replays from last season; bad coverages, dropped balls, missed field goals, poor returns, and a muff that led to a Raiders touchdown. Ummm… I hope this wasn’t the improvement that Wade Phillips has been yapping about.

Overall, it was a lackluster performance that left much to be desired. I’ll give Top Gun performances to Sam Hurd, Felix Jones, Jason Witten, Gerald Sensabaugh, Jay Ratliff and Marty-B. On the other hand, these guys need to step it up and get their asses in gear; Stephen McGee, Orlando Scandrick, Miles Austin, Bobby Carpenter, Kyle Kosier, and Isaiah Stanback to name a few.

Anthony Spencer may have been on the field physically, but mentally he simply mailed it in. It was as if he wasn’t even there. He blew at least three easy coverages and then got burned for an 18-yarder he should have easily snuffed out. He never even got a whiff of the raiders quarterback. Terrible job.

Bobby Carpenter just needs to go. Even against third teamers he is a non-factor and has been absolutely worthless since the day he got drafted.

Wade Phillips was clearly pissed off after the game and when asked whether the Cowboys suffered any significant injuries, he he threw his team under the bus.

“We didn’t really play hard enough to get any injuries.” 

Ouch! I guess that says it all.

We’ll try to turn things around against the Tennessee Titans next week when we take the field in our new home. Until then, Go Cowboys!

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Great recap for a poor game. But hey, practice makes perfect?

    Its amazing what Felix does when he’s on the field. And yeah, I agree Miles better step it up after what Sam did last night.

    I was happy to be watching football again, even if we didn’t celebrate a win.

    I also wonder if Wade’s training camp no-hit theory was the reason the defense stunk? Or maybe it should have been a reason for them to go out and make hits with all that built up energy?

    I don’t know. Hopefully next week will be a whole new ballgame when we break in the new crib!


  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    lol calm down folks it was the first pre season game and besides we always stink in the pre season lol but really I would not take to much away from this it was mainly a bunch of rookies and back ups getting a taste of the NFL for the first time now game 3 of the pre season that is the game when we should all worry if they play like this let them get a couple game under their belts first then critiscize

  3. nate
    nate says:

    above all, our backups on the oline should be our biggest worry. we are SCREWED if a starter goes down. we have NO depth AT ALL…this brewster guy who isnt even gonna play this year was a joke as soon as we took him…ball state huh? gimme a break…its as if the higher ups are trying to get our qbs killed…

  4. PAMM
    PAMM says:

    I honestly can say I don’t want to say. Until Wade and garrett go. Personality of a lackluster team will always stay with the Cowboys and we won’t win much. Cowboys are too soft really like Wade.

    Go Cowboys

  5. Dazzy
    Dazzy says:

    thankfully its only a pe season game. phew. im not too worried yet, now if it were a regular season game, i would be worried and pissed off right now. i only saw the 1st 10 mins of the game because of working early in the morning the next day, but i guess well see what happens next week. hopefully well see a more polished team.

  6. Corey Moore
    Corey Moore says:

    I really take this game with a grain of salt. The regulars dont play the whole game, usually. I believe that if they would have, the Cowboys wouldve won, and won big..

    Tony Romo had complete control over the offense for his two drives. “Romo Friendly.” He shared the ball, didnt feel the need to look for one specific guy, ya know??

    It’s preseason people. Yea, it’s nice to see what the team has to offer this season, but dont worry. Like Kelly said, practice makes perfect. And when all the weapons are on the field at all times, Thats when the Cowboys will shine, no doubt.

    GO COWBOYS IN 09!!
    True Blue

  7. digna312
    digna312 says:

    I did not get to see the game. I am only going by what little I’ve seen and heard. It is disappointing to hear that there wasa a lack luster performance. I was expecting to see more enthusiasum. if these cowboys have a chip on their shoulder from last season, then they ain’t showing it. I also believe preseason games are not a true measurement of any team…But the backups gotta pick it up or get the hell out of town!

  8. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    I agree with James Edwards… it’s only the first preseason game. This is the time to let the starters start their sync process. But most importantly, to see how the second and third stringers do. All of which consist of new comers and rookies. Now they have a better idea where they are and what they need to work on and get better at.

  9. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Do we really expect our football team to be hyped up for the first pre season game?? that is laughable to me and no disrespect to anybody here but that just escapes me why they would be so very fired up for the first pre season game

  10. April
    April says:

    Pre Season is like a dress rehearsal. You got your main cast and your understudies. Its expected that the main cast will always shine thats why they are your starters and your understudies well they may miss a few lines but they will continue to study because they could one day be in with the first team if one of them gets sick (God Forbid) So for last nights game we saw what needs to change before opening night. We will lose some that really need to go and we saw some stepping up showing us they are starter worthy. We also saw Oakland play hard like it was regular season and for what its worth I hope the coaches took notes since we will meet again on Turkey Day. Go Cowboys!!

  11. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    I’m not mad, just more suprised that it looked like no one cared. That being said I’m glad Phillips got on the team for not playing like they should. It’s a preseason game true, rust will show a little true but come on, we can do better.

  12. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    I liked what I saw with the first team. I liked what I saw with the FA’s we picked up. My only concern is depth at O-line.

    Comparing this preseason game to the last year’s finale is nonsense.


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