Thursday Camp Notes

The Cowboys are already in camp 9 days and their first preseason game is in one week against the Raiders. The news coming out of camp has been boring, which I for one love. No drama, no controversies. Just everyone practicing and focusing on what needs to be done to get better.

A few items that stood out to me from today…

Choice’s Shoulder

Tashard Choice is being held out of practice due to a sore shoulder. Its being reported that the injury is not serious, but that Choice will need a few days off. The MRI taken came back negative and Choice plans on playing next week against the Raiders.

“I’ll be day-to-day, maybe on ice for a couple days,” Choice said. They didn’t want me to do anything today. Take it easy, there’s no point in really pushing it in training camp.”

“It’s banged and bruised, so they’ve got me relaxing, man,” Choice said. “They’ve just got me relaxing a day or so until I feel like I’m able to come back.”

Ref’s arriving for practice

Good news considering how many times the Cowboys have been penalized the last few seasons, and most of the time at the worst possible times. Today the officials watched the kickoff returns, red zone and goal line. The good news is that  very few flags were thrown it was reported.

Romo needed a break today

Tony Romo was seen running off the field this afternoon during goal line drills as reported by He was in such a hurry that he tossed the ball to a field judge who wasn’t ready for it and the ball hit him in the face. No injury was reported and it turned out that Romo just needed a bathroom break.

Colombo and Davis lead the way

When the Cowboys need a first down that is the direction they run like this afternoon during goal line runs as reported by Marion Barber followed Mark Colombo and Leonard Davis on the first two plays. I think that is a smart choice and safe choice to follow those two guys.

Another small fight

Deon Anderson and Pat Watkins got into a small fight during practice as reported by It was Mark Colombo who was the first one in to make sure things were all right.

No news on Ware’s contract

Nothing new to report on getting DeMarcus Ware a new contract and it may not be done before the season starts. It’s a good thing that Ware is a true professional and won’t discuss any contract news or even threaten any holdouts.

“We’re in the process, but we don’t have those kinds of deadlines as far as time,” said Jerry Jones, who declined to discuss specifics of the negotiations with agent Pat Dye Jr. “Never do, never put that on, but we’re working as we should be with his agent to move it forward.”

Huh!!! What exactly does that last part mean? Come Jerry, let’s get this thing done. DeMarcus Ware has improved his game every season and is the teams defensive MVP and should have been the NFL MVP. If a mediocre QB like Eli Manning can get all that money, then Ware really deserves to get a new contract now.

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Nice job Rob, I really enjoy your updates.

    I wonder what’s up with these little fights we’re hearing about. Do you think that even though we got rid of T.O., there is still some division in the ranks that remains? I hope not.

    And as for Ware, I’m really at a loss as to why he hasn’t been signed as of yet.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I think the fights are just part of training camp and being tired. Let’s get to next Thursday so they can start hitting some Raiders. Getting excited. Can not wait!!!


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