Young Receivers Showing Something In Camp

Training camp is well underway and there have been a lot great things happening in San Antonio. From what I have been reading one of the biggest surprises in training camp has been the play of our young receivers Sam Hurd, Miles Austin, and the other receivers.

Sam Hurd and Miles Austin have been vying for the third receiver slot. They both have been making some acrobatic catches. This is great news, however this is training camp and we will have to wait to see what happens in a real game.

One low spot was Isaiah Stanback tweaking his hamstring and was out of practice, this is not a good sign for him. He has really been injury plagued since he has been with the Cowboys.

Not sure if Jesse Holley can make the team after winning Michael Irvin’s reality show “4th and Long”, but he has been making some plays as well.

Right now, Patrick Crayton is the second wide receiver behind Roy Williams, but we will have to wait and see if the keeps it.

We all know that the receivers would be a big question mark this year, but lets hope they can make their mark.

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  1. TW601
    TW601 says:

    Why is Isaiah Stanback still on our roster? This dude can’t stay healthy. I would give Holley his roster spot a least Holley has shown he can stay healthy for a month. I think Austin will eventually be the number two and if Hurd can stay healthy and make plays he will pass Crayton for the #3 spot. I think that Crayton will eventually be apart of some trade that will take place within the next two seasons. I like the kid Golden Tate from ND in the 2011 Draft.

  2. William Howell
    William Howell says:

    I have often wondered why Stanback is still here as well. This guy should have been gone the second year he got hurt! Not sure why they want to let him hang around and waste a roster spot.

  3. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Is the only reason we hold onto Stanback because of his speed? Enough already. He’s been given a chance and now it’s time for someone to take his place.


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