OK, I know David Buehler’s last name is not pronounced the same way as Matthew Broderick’s famous character in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, but we need to have some fun right? Buehler is also not your normal NFL kicker. Drafted in the 5th round of this past draft out of USC, Buehler wants to put his mark on the NFL.

The Cowboys drafted Buehler to be their kickoff specialist because they went the entire 2008 season without a touchback. Because there were no touchbacks Cowboys opponents starting field position was almost at the 30 yard line. At USC in 2008 Buehler’s 88 kickoffs resulted in 48 touchbacks. Not only is Buehler good at what he does, he backs it up. During the pre-draft scouting combine he turns some heads when he bench pressed 225lbs 25 times. That was more then former USC teammate Rey Maualuga who plays linebacker. Buehler’s 40 yard dash was also faster than other USC linebackers Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews.

Don’t be surprised if Buehler kicks short a few times simply because he likes to be involved with things other than kicking. He is a 6-foot-2, 228 pound kicker who likes the contact and goes looking for it. He has been playing on all the special teams units during this preseason and has already totaled three special teams tackles.

“He’s made more tackles than anybody we’ve had so far,” coach Wade Phillips said Tuesday.

While regular field goal kicker Nick Folk continues to recover from off-season hip surgery Buehler may also be called on to attempt some long distance field goals as the regular season gets going next week. So Buelher is more than just a kicker for the Cowboys and he wants everyone to know that.

“I’m just coming in and going with the groove, whatever they want me to do,” said Buehler

“My main job is to be a kickoff specialist. That’s what got me here—but I can do other things.”

“Not playing it (Special Teams) for two years and then trying to get back into it, I’m trying to knock off the rust,” he said. “My body’s not used to hitting. After the (preseason opener), my neck was a little sore. It felt like high school again, the first day in pads.”

Buehler wants to contribute in any way he can for the Cowboys. He wants to be a part of the team, not just the kicker which can be a lonely job sometimes.

“Various guys gave me high-fives after making the tackles,” he said. “That’s what it’s about. It’s a league of respect. You want to be respected by your opponents and by your teammates. The more I can show to help the team, that will gain respect.”


Information provided by Yahoo Sports.

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  1. Webstar
    Webstar says:

    I like the way this guy plays and thinks. Hell, he’d probablly be a better saftey than a few of the guy’s we already have and he is one of the few rookies we drafted that isn’t gone end up on the IR by the time the season starts.


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