Fantasy Report: Week #3 Picks

Fantasy Report:  Week #3

Week #3 – Hot Starts for this week


1)      D. Brees – NO  – Best of the Best
2)      P. Rivers – SD – Is on a roll
3)      P. Manning – IND
4)      T. Romo – DALLAS – will bounce back this weekend


1)      M. Jones-Drew  – JAC
2)      A. Peterson – MIN
3)      D. Sproles – SD – Breakout game
4)      F. Jackson – BUF


1)      Moss – NE – Due to break out
2)      A. Johnson – HOU
3)      L. Fitzgereld – ARZ
4)      M. Colston – NO


1)      D. Clark – IND
2)      T. Gonzales – ATL
3)      J. Witten – DALLAS
4)      A. Gates – SD
5)      J. Shockey – NO

Attention all Fantasy Addicts: Sorry but running real late this week so I’m going to have to make it short and sweet..

ARZ vs IND: Great Fantasy Game Start all major players in this game

ATL vs N.E..: New England Defense is a mess so feel free to start your Atl. Players.

BAL vs CLE: Cleveland is awful. Start all Balt. Players avoid all Cleveland players if possible

BUF vs N.O..: Buffalo will do fine offensively and you know that NO will go off again so start all players.

CAR vs DAL: Unfortunately the COWBOYS have some serious holes in our defense right now. So feel free to start your Carolina players. “They won’t win” but they will score. S. Smith & Muhammad will have an above average day and the running game should be the same for Carolina. DALLAS – Barber should play but there will be a bigger dose of F. Jones this week. Romo coming of the worst game of his carrier will bounce back with a nice game this week as I’m sure that the panthers will try to make Romo beat them by trying to stop the run. Yea right stop the run? Sure they will..

CHI vs SEA: Forte will have a nice game so make sure you start him. Avoid Seattle’s passing game since Hasselbeck is hurt. Only start J. Jones this week

CIN vs PITT: Believe it or not it should be a nice “Air Show” this weekend unless the Pit D  shows up

DEN vs OAK:  Avoid all players if you can. Should be a low scoring affair, both Defenses have improved

DET vs WSH: This could be the Lions 1st win in 2 years. Washington looks horrible on both sides of the ball.

G.B. vs STL: Both teams should have a good offensive day this week start all players.

HOU vs JAC: Good game for Houston’s Players this weekend and only start M. Jones-Drew on  the jag’s

K.C. vs PHIL: Tough game with all the eagles injury’s. Becarefull who you start make sure they are playing.

MIA vs SD.: This should be a run orientated game from both sides. Then SD will win it with their passing game, good stats for both this week.

MIN vs S.F..: Hmmm AP was shut down by them last time so Favre will have to have a good game to win, 49ers are on fire right now and a must start

NYG vs T.B..: Start your NYG players this week since the T.B. defense has been real soft so far I’d hold off on starting anybody on TB unless you have to.

NYJ vs TEN: “Let’s get ready to rummmmble” This should be the game of the week. Start all players as it should be a very exciting game of 2 very tough teams so far this season.

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