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It’s seems that Romo is back to form and looks more focused then he did in the past. The next game Romo will face the NY Giants, a team he is 3-2 against. He’s focused and not taking them lightly. Wait, what? He’s forced on them and nothing else. Romo, focused on the next game? Say it ain’t so. Dammit, how hard is it to have a flamboyant QB? I wanted Broadway Joe not vanilla Johnny U. As you know I’m just playing. Tony Romo has been a leader for this team since 07, but now his voice is louder and he demands perfection out of everyone on his team. Be it his O-Line to the defense.

Romo mic’d up

Throughout last week’s games we saw Romo on the sideline getting everyone involved. A vision I liked was Romo, Kitna and McGee having a meeting of the minds. I just like the fact that McGee is sitting there nodding his head soaking up the knowledge of the two vets. Another one was Romo yelling at his O-Line for getting him hit several times on a drive. The one clear thing about Romo is that he has matured and he understands the NFL better.

The term “Any Giving Sunday” is an understatement to at this point in his career. He’s been on top of the mountain and then smacked back down to earth. I’m ready to see how all of this plays out. I know at this point all Romo cares about is winning. Nothing else matters.

Let’s go Cowboys!

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  1. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    Romo is truly on the right track! The pressure is on, and so far is dealing with it. I didn’t expect anything less from him. He was thrown in there to correct a veterans mistakes, and he did. He’s young and in experienced, but we we should all know this doesn’t happen over night. In essence, he should demand perfection from his team, or for them to perform by giving it their all. Finally, I feel he’s giving it his best, and come Sunday the Giants will come out on the losing end. GO COWBOYS!!!


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