Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Yes ESPN, we fans realize the Cowboys just won against the struggling (now 0-3) Panthers. Carolina played a lot better than anyone expected, mostly in the first half.

Several guys stepped up in this game, so I’d like to give credit where credit is due.

I’m talking specifically about Patrick Crayton and Tashard Choice on offense. Crayton made several very crucial plays, and kept his head in the game, playing smart football all night long.

Choice, who I believe should have started the game, came away with 82 yards on 18 carries and one touchdown plus a 2-point conversion. If not for a bone-headed move by the rookie 3rd tight end, John Phillips, Choice probably would have had another TD. In addition, after the game he had a very impressive interview on the field with the ESPN analysts.

Defensively, Keith Brooking, Jay Ratliff and Terence Newman really excelled tonight. In the beginning Newman didn’t look so hot, missing tackles and looking foolish and aged. However, his interception for a 27-yard touchdown in the 4th quarter reminded us why we love him.

I must admit I am falling head over heels for Mr. Ratliff. Who would expect our nose tackle to get the first sack of the year? Why not when its the beast who is known as JRAT.

As for Brooking, what a wonderful acquisition for the Cowboys. Brooking, a strong, solid veteran linebacker, led the team in tackles tonight with five. It seemed like every time the defense came in, I found myself cheering his name.

Special teams also deserves some props. It’s been way too long since we could say that. Well done Coach Joe DeCamillis, well done sir.

I just wanted to rant about ESPN for a minute, and say that despite the opponent – I am proud of this team and what they did tonight. I believe it was a well-deserved win and they worked hard to earn that “W”.

Then again, I am just an optimistic, biased Cowboys fan. 😉

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  1. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    I loved this game I still think however that our corners should play closer to the recievers but it was good gamme not all wins will be pretty we didnt play our best game and still won in very good fasion

  2. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    I agree as well… why are our cornerbacks playing 8 to 10 yards off of the receivers? All that does is allow the opponents an easy pitch & catch to methodically move the chains on us. I would have figured since Bum Phillips had the run & shoot offense and the bump & run defense in Houston that maybe Wade would implement that type of defense here in Dallas. I was mistaken, tonight was an ugly win, but I’ll take it. I definitely thought Tashard Choice & Keith Brooking steeped up when we needed it the most and JRAT for getting our 1st sack of the season. Good win boys, let’s keep the drive alive!
    BTW I love your blog!


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