Good But Not Great

Cowboys fans, like one of my fellow writers on this site, I am not going to spit stat after stat to you right now because I could do that and make a very good point for Mr. Romo, instead I am going to tell you exactly how how I feel about a few things here in Cowboy land.

First of all for all, you people who blame Tony Romo for losing the game, your dog getting ran over and global warming… he is just one man, he is not Superman. There is a reason he was an undrafted free agent. Tony Romo is not Troy Aikman or Rodger the Dodger, or Dandy Don. Tony is Tony nothing more nothing less.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he is perfect by any means at all. I am saying that Romo is not great. Very talented? Yes. But not great…. yet.

Drew Bledsoe, Vinny Testaverde, Quincy Carter, Jason Garrett, just to name a few quarterbacks in the post-Aikman era, all lead our Cowboys on the field. None of them while in Dallas has done the things our undrafted free agent has done. Romo has had to deal with many distractions since taking over for Dallas and he is growing up before our eyes, but we must be patient. Everything that goes wrong in this world is not his fault.

I know I said I would not spit out stats, but here is one for everybody, 353. That is the number of yards Eli Manning threw in the grand opening game. Are you going to tell me it is also Romo’s fault that the secondary gave up 353 passing yards? That is ridiculous, simply ridiculous and a bit idiotic.

Yes the man had a bad game but so did the secondary. Those recievers were churning our prize corner Terence Newman, but who is calling for his head? D-Ware did not get a sack, for that matter our entire defense did not get a sack. Do they deserve the ax also?

I am not trying to pile on the defense, I am trying to make the point that there are probably 10-15 teams (Miami, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, San Fransisco, Houston, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Carolina, St. Louis, Denver, Buffalo) who would kill to have Romo at their helm.

Last year everybody called for Romo’s head. Then our very talented QB got hurt and everybody was a little bit excited on the inside. The mistake-filled Tony Romo was now on the sidelines where he belonged. Then we traveled to play the Rams and got destroyed, and by a team that only won 2 games. Brad Johnson had failed. At halftime in NY against the Giants, we called for Brooks Bollinger and he also failed. I am telling you, we have a precious commodity here. We have a stable QB. Now we need to set our pride aside and realize what we have, before it is gone.

Our secondary continues to get burned all around. Now Newman is getting beat by recievers that a shutdown corner should not get beat by. It was not a big deal last week because we won, but we were even getting beat in Tampa. Nobody paid attention because of the big day ROMO had.

Our corners continue to play 7-12 yards off of the recievers. That is a quick way to get beat in the short passing game when we are tackling the way we are (or should I say the way we aren’t). They will need to play better along with Romo if we ever want to win any meaningful games.

Our stadium will be open next Monday night for the first MNF game in it’s short history when the Carolina Panther come to town. We must win this game. Looking at the schedule our next three games: vs. Carolina, at Denver and at Kansas City, we have a chance to be 4-1 going into the bye week, followed by a showdown in Atlanta.

This season is far from over. As long as we learn from our mistakes and make adjustments we still have the potential for a nice run.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. chin kim
    chin kim says:

    man your way off…..i dont care if tony was an undrafted free agent. he’s now getting paid like a superstar. play like one. anybody can look good from time to time…the great ones are consistantly good. This guy teases cowboy fans with games like week 1 to toy with us…while he continues to mix in games like week 2….where he looks more like Jake Delhome than Drew Brees or some of the other guys that do it week aftr week after week.

    stop giving this guy a pass. he deserves the criticism. let him take his medicine from cowboy loyalist because he lost us that game on sunday nite.

  2. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    Good blog my friend. I was hoping people would see it that way I do. Romo is almost there, so give it time. Good but not great is the best way to say it.

  3. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    I’m sick of excuses. Bottom line. We don’t give the Giants the ball and the Giants don’t have the opportunity to capitalize.

    Romo cost us the game. Why can’t fans simple admit that??

  4. Tuna7451
    Tuna7451 says:

    Tony Romo is now, and will remain, a good QB; but never great. He is much like the Danny White’s, Bledsoe’s, etc. we had in the past. As far as all of the other teams that are mentioned in the article that would like to have him, about half of them definitely WOULD NOT for a variety of reasons.

    Was he alone responsible for the loss to the Giants? No, but he was a major factor. Wade Phillips, the Defense, Jason Garrett, Flozell Adams, and several others, played major parts in that little debacle. This game was a defining moment for this still young season. It was not a good moment for those expecting that the Cowboys are going to advance in the playoffs this year. Dallas may make the Wild Card round, but to go beyond that this team must have a serious, and major, house cleaning. The sooner the better.

  5. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    We need to stop comparing Romo to White. Maybe it’s because I grew up with White at QB. He was 5-5 in the playoffs including three Champtionship games. None of which I can blame White for losing. The only thing that will get Romo over that hump is a Super Bowl win. We all know if wins one playoff game this year and then losses the next we will hear the same stories about him from the media and some fans. That goes the same if losses the Championship or even the Super Bowl. No one will get off his back until he wins it all, which is very unfair to him. The media created Romo and made him out to be a superstar. All Romo wants to do is play football.

    • Full Metal Black
      Full Metal Black says:

      I with you on that one. At the end of the day that’s all he is. The pressure he has to deal with is very unkind. When Aikman who won 3 rings says you have to be a leader NOW NOT LATER…thats f’d up.

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    Romo shares in the responsibility, but people also forget, he marched us down the field for the go ahead TD. Then the DBs were shredded again for the final score. People can blame Romo if you want to. I’m sorry. I’m not going down that road. He can’t cover or make a special teams tackle. There are not 11 other Romo’s on that field. I’m a realist. He’s still a good QB, but he needs to step up, but to simply blame him for the entire team break down is just plain wrong. No one is looking at T-New and asking him how come he got burned repeatedly by nobodies. Think if we didn’t have him, where would we be and with who throwing the ball?

  7. Webstar
    Webstar says:

    The bottom line is if Romo could’t take the critism he shouldn’t have taken the job. He has to take the jabs and hooks from the fans and media like a man then come back swinging. All great players at some point have had to deal with this and how they respond is what defines them as a player. Like the guy said in Any Given Sunday ” a season is 16 games and its how you live through the bad ones is what makes you a quaterback and not just another punk.” Romo has to own the loss accept all the critism and find a way to come back and do what he knows and his true fans believe that he can.

  8. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    I am not giving him a excuse its just we expect this man to be Troy or Don or Rodger and he just is not that he is Tony Romo, he is a gun slinger who will pass you out of a game but win many more than he will lose. GMs and owners saw this in him and that is why nobody in the entire draft took him hello if he was great he would have at least got drafted.

    You all loved him after Tampa and now look after one game your freaking out calm down we will be ok nobody is perfect not even the armchair QBs on the internet unless you yourself can do better or have a QB on the market that can for sure lead the league in passer rating be happy with what we have because we can always go get Brad Johnson back I am sure he wants to play lol

    This was in no way intended to be disrespectful to anyone


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