Lets Kill The Quarterback?

I could point to out 100 things that Tony Romo has done wrong since he took over as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Last night’s lost was ugly with a capital G. Romo must have been blind, stupid and given short arms because he looked like crap.

It’s been over 12 hours now, and I’m moving on and focusing on the next game. Shockingly, I still love Romo like I always do. Why? Have I lost my mind? Did I forget what he did last night and all the bad games he has had?

Nope, never will.

I still believe in Tony Romo, but clearly he has a few demons to overcome before he can become the best that he can be.

Last week everyone loved Romo, saying that he looked sharp, led some solid scoring drives, and changed for the better. All those good vibes came crashing down after last night’s game.  The second the game ended, blogs, message/chat boards and everything else internet was overwhelmed with one general sentiment; Let’s hang Tony Romo.

I’m not sure what I’m madder at? The fact everyone flip-flops with Romo, or the fact that they drink the Kool-aid and then act like they never drank it at all.

Last night the coaching was bad, the defense was bad, Romo was bad, and for some reason the ball kept bouncing the right way for the Giants. Even the final score of 32-31 shows what a good battle the game was,  but try telling that to a Dallas fan. The one thing you have to credit Romo for is that he does blame himself for the game and he knows it’s his fault. It’s the least he can do seeing how he of all people should know he freezes in games like this. Pressure isn’t Romo’s friend.

Being the star QB for “America’s Team” isn’t easy. Cowboys’ fans like winners, we love them. But to be frank we’re spoiled as hell. Losing isn’t our style and we demand perfection from everyone on the team. Sorry, I’m not one of those fans.

The Campo era taught me to love every win you get because it could be worse. Even so, heavy is the crown being the QB for the Cowboys. Could you image if the internet was around when Danny White was playing? Damn. Everyone and I do mean everyone drank the Romo kool-aid when Bledsoe refused to run out of the pocket or move on the fly. Everyone loved Romo. Two full years as quarterback and no Super Bowl. Not even a playoff win. Yea, someone give me a rope. Now that everything is over and it’s September, I’m ready for the next game. I’ll get the cups out just in case you so-called Romo haters/Die hard Cowboys fan want a sip. Also some lumber in case he loses and you wanna build a cross.

Let’s Go Cowboys and I LOVE YOU ROMO!

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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I am afraid the flip flopping from the fans and bloggers is based on the flip flopping of Romo’s performance. I believe at this point, we have a right to be frustrated with Tony.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    Great article! I was frustrated with him we were in position to win. The defense has to step it up and cause turnovers and get sacks. We scored 32 points!!! Defense wins superbowls! We have to do better and I am gonna have faith in Wade to correct it. I have no doubt Scandrick will rebound as well as TNEW cause the entire secondary played poor. We will be alright guys.

    Let’s Go Cowboys! And I too LOVE TONY ROMO!

  3. Derek S.
    Derek S. says:

    It partially his fault for giving up 3 interceptions, but it is fully Jason Garrett’s fault for continuing to pass the ball when it was clear that Barber, Jones, and even Choice were running all over the Giants defense. TO’s gone, Garrett, theres no excuse for throwing it up 40 times a game anymore.

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    nice article! Totally agree with you. Thank God the internet wasn’t around when Danny White was QB I would of had to tell off alot of people. If Danny had this talented group around him he would be wearing a superbowl ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure hope you didn’t mean that as a negative remark against Danny or we are going to have some trouble!

    • Full Metal Black
      Full Metal Black says:

      no, no, no. Danny White won us a few playoff games and almost got us to the Super Bowl, but he got it from the fans like Romo is getting it now.

    SMOKECzECH says:

    Guys and gals, Its only one game…. I get depressed like any fan, but boy can Cowboy fans be cruel and unforgiven sometimes. You need to look at the positives too. I always read the whining… Last week no one was happy even with a win. This week it’s hand a noose on Tony’s neck. So yes, there were some bad things that happened, but there are some brite sides too. At least the running game was there, Roy Williams sure does do some good down the field blocking, felix was used more, it is only week 2…Id rather lose em now than in December or in the Playoffs, the veteren players were fired up and yelling at players like they should be ie. Romo, Newman, and Bradie James, and now maybe the players will be more relaxed next week as the Palace is finally open and the carnival is gone. If your gonna bitch, start at the TOP with Jerry. He paid Romo the money, he brought in WADE, he hired GARRETT first, and he fired TO. You can flip flop in your article like you say the Kool aid drinkers do and you can bash your favorite team, but this is our M.O. since the late 90’s. I am so used to the rollercoaster called the Dallas Cowboys. I definately know where all my gray is coming from!

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    People in the media love to hang ANYTHING on Romo. It kills me that Cowboys fans love to help. The man had a bad game. It happens. But people forget, even with his mistakes, he STILL drove us down the field and we had the lead, but the D couldn’t defend the pass. We got burnt all day long. I hand that on Wade. The team was not ready to play, plain and simple. It’s only the second game. If people are ready to bail now, we’re never going to make it to December. Give the guy a break. They’ll get it figured out.

    • Kelly H
      Kelly H says:

      Amen. Its not like we didnt have a chance, or that we gave up at any point in that game. We were in it until the absolute last second.

      We will get our revenge on those damn Giants! (That part was just to make me feel better lol)

  7. jaime
    jaime says:

    Ok, so I was very dissapointed in the game. I am a fan for life. Yes, there is a lot of pressure of Romo to perform, but what about the rest of the team.Not to pick on just one player but is it me or does it look like Roy Williams doesnt look like the most enthusiatic player on the field. Another thing, what happened to our pass coverage? I watched the game and I was just getting more and more upset when I would see a receiver wide open. I know we have a young group of corners, but still Phillips (who is running the defense) should make the defense more to help these young guys. Our defensive line, which I think has the most talent in the nfl, just couldnt get to Manning. Blitzing didnt help sometimes, since it put the corners one on one. Then the tackling was just horrible on some occasions. Yes, I think Romo needs to be more consistent. But ultimately, I believe its the coaching who is more at fault than anything else. So before we say lets kill the quarterback lets first check the coaching staff who is directing and making the calls.

  8. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    I know why to love romo because of Drew Bledsoe and Vinny Testaverde lol we have something good here and we are all so quick to throw him away and for what who out there is better considering the best free agent QB is Brad Johnson and well we all know how that went last time we tried that


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