On Pins and Needles

The NFL is a magical thing. The hype of each season is more intense every year. For our boys it’s all or nothing. I’m not saying we need to go to the Super Bowl and win. I’m saying it’s time for us to do what we do best and stomp a mudhole into the chest of the NFC East.

I don’t have to tell you all the preseason predictions, who thinks who is better. At this point I don’t think anyone on the Dallas team could give a crap.

Ever since last season ended; whether it’s ESPN, NFL Network or anyone else, the team has been under a microscope. Tony and Jessica; Roy taking TO’s place; Ware and the contract; even the dog-gone scoreboard has been analyzed and even mocked. Amazingly nothing (or at least in high volume) has been said about the team.

The preseason showed us we have an unstoppable offense and defense. The team has gelled well and for the most part our backups…ok their an C- but its ok.

Being off the radar has done wonders for the team with Vick and Favre coming back we’re not the number one news anymore. This team may be ready to take over being the sleeper in the NFC.

The only thing stopping the Cowboys is the Cowboys themselves. Nothing can stop this team once it’s motor is running on full speed. I would love to see what happens, if and when Romo gets over that hump; Roy silents the critics about his ability; I can go on and on. The one thing I can say, its football season and the Cowboys are playing. Are you ready?

Let’s Go Cowboys!

And one more thing, Ogletree has a fan club. That’s awesome.

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