Secondary- What Is Wrong?

Wide receiver Steve Smith dives in for a fourth-quarter touchdown as the Giants spoil the opener of the Cowboys's new stadium.

After watching the first two games of season I have to admit, I am not sure that our secondary is taking this seriously. I understand that Gerald Sensabaugh is new to the team, and that Jenkins and Scandrick are now rotating starts, and Terence Newman has had some injury issues, but come on. We gave up 300 plus passing yards to Tampa Bay and another 300 plus to the Giants.

Something is wrong with this picture. I watched both games and I’ve seen things such as playing 10-15 yards off the line of scrimmage. That allows the receiver to come out and makes an easy catch. Sometimes the corners are playing as if they have safety help, but the help never shows up.

According to head coach Wade Phillips we are playing more man coverage, yet how do we let receivers made easy catches time after time? If the D-line and linebackers do not get pressure on the QB the secondary cannot cover all day, but a lot of the yards are not due to this. Yes it may take some time for the secondary to gel and understand what their responsibilities are, I just hope it does not take until late in the season otherwise we will be again sitting at home for the playoffs.

We have good corners and Sensabaugh is supposed to be a coverage safety, so lets hope that they get it together soon.

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    sensabaugh looked ok against the giants…hamlin looked slow and confused as usual…newman and scandrick looked completely out of character…jenkins was kind of just there…i understand we were concentrating on stopping the run, and we did, but to the expense of 330 passing yards to a team of scrubs…a balanced defensive gameplan with emphasis on the run might be the way to go next time, huh wade?

  2. JOE904
    JOE904 says:

    Hell,,,,it wasn’t sensabaugh’s fault man it was NEWMAN, JENKINS & SCANDRICK getting their butts done in out there…sensabaugh did what he could do…

  3. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    we need to press, we have to much speed between Newman Scandrick, and Jenkins to be playing 12 yards off the line of crimmage.


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