Six Receivers?

Ogletree Touchdown

Well it looks as if there is a slim possibility that the Cowboys could keep six, yes six, wide receivers on the roster. Right now with injuries to the Roy Williams, Sam Hurd, and Isaiah Stanback, it looks as though Kevin Ogletree will make the roster.

With Patrick Crayton as the number two receiver that would make six on the roster.

However, it will be tough to keep six, so that means Stanback may be cut soon. Stanback has been injured for most of the time that he has been with the Cowboys, so it would make sense to go ahead and cut bait.

I said this in my first blog this year and I stand by it, he should have been released two years ago. Why the Cowboys have tried to hang on I do not know.

Anyway, if Ogletree makes the team, that would be great since he has shown a lot of great things in the pre-season.

We shall see what happens, but it looks like Ogletree has beat out all others trying to get a spot.


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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Roy Williams
    Patrick Crayton
    Miles Austin
    Sam Hurd
    Kevin Ogletree

    – Stanback has to go. I would say it’s a given but I, like many Cowboys fans, don’t understand why he has made it this far.

    5 receivers on the roster, I don’t think we need 6.

  2. William Howell
    William Howell says:

    I said Stanback was hurt in the blog due to the fact he always has something wrong with him, no matter how minor. He practices a few times and he is hurt again. I am with you Kelly, he has to be released, we have wasted enough time on him. What I don’t understand is this, he is not some Randy Moss, he is not that fast and he used to be a QB. Makes no sense to me.

    • Joe D.
      Joe D. says:

      I’ve grown really tired of seeing Stanback’s name on the injury report each week. At this point, I really don’t believe he has the toughness to compete at this level.

  3. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    If they can’t hack it, get them out . We need more receivers like Ogletree. I’m not mentioning names, but injured during preseason. Give me a break!!! I f you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen GET OUT!!! GO COWBOYS!!!


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