Fantasy Report: Week #8 Picks

Week #8    Hot starts for this weekend


1)      P. Manning – IND

2)      D. Brees – NO

3)      A. Rodgers – GB

4)      T. Romo – DAL

5)      J. Cutler – CHI


1)      J. Addai – IND

2)      M. Forte – CHI

3)      K. Smith – DET

4)      A. Peterson – MIN

5)      S. Jackson – STL


1)      R. Wayne – IND

2)      M. Sims-Walker – JAC

3)      M. Austin – DAL

4)      L. Fitzgerald –ARI

5)      G. Jennings – GB


1)      D. Clark – IND

2)      J. Witten – DAL

3)      A. Gates – SD

4)      T. Gonzales – ATL

5)      O. Daniels – HOU

O.K. I Just got back to town from a wonderful weekend in Big D. There is nothing like watching the Cowboys stomp a mud hole in somebody to really make the trip fun. After I get you guys up to date on the Fantasy World, I hope to write a brief post about my trip. A+

ARI vs CAR: ARI is on a three game winning streak so they are on a role; they also have one of the easiest schedules the rest of the way. So a must start from here on out. Wells is looking to take the starting RB position from Hightower but hasn’t got it yet. CAR on the other hand is a mess. Delhomme is about to lose his happy home and the running game is still not up to last season’s level. This week go ahead and start the passing game but stay away from the running game.

ATL vs NO: It’s a must start every weekend for the Saints but this is a below average day for the Falcons. I would stay away from the running game this weekend but the passing game is an option if you don’t have anything better.

BAL vs DEN: This is one tough matchup this week. I see it as a very stingy defensive battle that will produce low scores and very few stats. So unless it’s your only option try to avoid all players.

BUF vs HOU: Buffalo is on a winning streak but still not worth starting, Evans has moved ahead of Owens for the top receiver spot in Buffalo because he has a better report with Fitzpatrick. Even though HOU has been on fire in the air the last few games I expect a more aggressive dose from their running attack this week, because the weather will demand it.

CHI vs CLE: Forte is finally in for a big weekend and it’s about time! He has been a huge flop so far this season. Cleveland is the worst team in the league right now and has no fantasy value what so ever.


DAL vs SEA: After last weekend’s game, there is now way we can do anything but whip Seattle this week. This is a must start game for all Cowboys players. With the way the Dallas Defense has been playing it is a very bad matchup for the Seattle offense. Try to avoid all players this week.

DET vs STL: This is a good matchup for all players involved including Stafford. He could make a nice fill in QB if you’re in a spot this weekend. K. Smith should put up solid #’s this week. Even though St. Louis has the worst rated offense of “ALL” teams they still should rack up a few points this weekend especially S. Jackson who is a must start this weekend.

GB vs MIN: This has to be the biggest game of the year. What better can we ask for then Brett going home to play against his old team? This should be a high scoring game on both sides so feel free to start all players involved.

IND vs S.F.: INDY is a little banged up right now so it’s tough to say who will be the man this week, really check your injury report before you start any players involved. My gut says Brown won’t play so Addai will have a big day. But that’s just my gut talking. A. Smith is now the starter in SF and Crabtree looks like he is the real deal, sound good? Not this week it doesn’t with the way IND pas defense is playing you might want to look for some other options this weekend.

JAC vs TEN: If you’re lucky enough to have Garrard as your back-up QB this is the week to use him. He should have a banner week against the week pass defense of TEN. Also Sims-Walker is a must start this week as well. I have been hearing rumors all week that V. Young is going to be the starter this week? If this is true he would make a great pickup if you need a QB for the week. Stay away from the Tenn running game it is a below average matchup.

KC: Bye Week

MIA vs NYJ: This is a below matchup for both teams. The defenses are just to strong on both sides to make any player worth starting unless you’re in a tight spot.

NE: Bye Week

NYG vs PHI: This looks like it will be an easy win for the Giants, but hold on. The Eagles have always found a way to slow down the Giants. I have a bad feeling for this game and with the injuries on the Eagles I would say it is a below average match up on both teams.

OAK vs SD: OK lets look at the ”RAIDERS” well they are an awful team, that can’t even get off the deck to try and win a game. So don’t waste your time starting anybody. This looks like an above average game for the Chargers so start all players.

PIT: Bye Week

TB: Bye Week

WAS: Bye Week

Five Frightening Cowboys Moments – Happy Halloween

Before all of you ghouls and goblins go storming out for a night of shrieks and screams, lets set the mood with some terrifying Cowboys moments of the past. Here is a spooktacular list of five ghastly Cowboys moments that were sure to make your skin crawl if you were unlucky enough to witness them live.

These are not necessarily in order of the most chilling, but feel free to tell us which terrified you the most…

1. 1999 – Michael Irvin suffers a spinal cord injury and plays his final game at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. Eagles fans cheered while his motionless body was carted off the field. Don’t they ever stop migrating?

2. 1978 – A wide open Jackie Smith drops what would have been a game altering touchdown pass from Roger Staubach, and the Cowboys lose Super Bowl XIII to the Steelers 35-31. It was a devastating loss that won’t be soon forgotten. I’m sorry I called you a meatloaf, Jack.

3. 1981 – In the NFC Championship game, Joe Montana hits Dwight Clark with one of the most memorable catches in NFL history to beat the Cowboys 28-27. Dubbed eternally as “The Catch”, this moment crushed the hearts of many Cowboys fans. No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering.

4. 2006 – Tony Romo drops the game winning field goal snap with 1:19 left in the fourth quarter, and the Cowboys suffer a gut-wrenching 21-20 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. It was a devastating playoff loss that made our blood curdle. We all go a little mad sometimes.

5. 2008 – In a game the Cowboys had to win to make the post season, they get blown out by the Philadelphia Eagles 44-6 during the final game of the season. It was one of the most lopsided losses in team history. We don’t need a stretcher in there. We need a mop!

Now for all of you horror fans out there, each of these moments ends with a memorable horror movie quote. Can you guess which Halloween favorites they are from?

And finally, I leave you all with this Halloween treat which is so ghoulishly delightful.

Jay Ratliff Questionable For Sunday’s Game

Jay RatliffThe Cowboys are reporting that nose tackle Jay Ratliff has injured his right knee and did not practice on Friday.

He has been listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Ratliff sustained the injury during practice on Thursday, according to Cowboys coach Wade Phillips. The Cowboys are calling it a sprain.

“It’s something we think will get well, but how quickly it will get well we don’t know for sure,” Phillips said.

Junior Siavii is expected to replace Ratliff in the starting lineup. Siavii played 16 plays last week against Atlanta and made seven tackles. Marcus Spears, who has played some nose tackle in the past, will backup Siavii if Ratliff can’t play.

“Junior played well last game, and I think he’s improved as we’ve played each game,” Phillips said. “So he’s ready to play.”

Obviously it would be a big blow for the Cowboys if they were to lose their Pro Bowl nose tackle for an extended period, but for now all we can do is hope for the best.

Get well soon Jay!

Cowboys Extra Points: Rockstars and Superstars

The Cowboys announced that Daughtry will be performing during the halftime show at the Thanksgiving Day game. The game will be Thursday, Nov. 26 against the Oakland Raiders. Daughtry is a rock band from North Carolina lead by frontman Chris Daughtry.


Felix Jones will return to kickoff returns this weekend as Allen Rossum has been sidelined for two to four weeks with a hamstring injury. Rossum injured his leg last week in his Cowboys debut.

Patrick Crayton will take on punt return duties once again.


Former Cowboy Julius Jones is excited to return to Dallas to face his old teammates.

“It’s always good for me to see some of the guys that I played with down there. Bradie James, (Terence) Newman, Jason Witten, it’ll be good to see them before the game. And then beat them up during the game and then talk to them afterwards.”

Yeah, good luck with that Julius!


DeMarcus Ware is being compared to hall of famer Lawrenece Taylor by none other than Bill Belichick.

I can’t imagine DeMarcus Ware hindering any team’s defense,” Belichick said during his daily press conference with New England reporters. “The guy’s one of the best players in the league. It’s like when we had Lawrence Taylor with the Giants. That guy was a force on every play. The offense had to account for him on every play. I think he helped our team defense probably as much as any player I ever coached.”


Patrick Crayton has commented about his demotion as starting wide receiver. He had this to say yesterday (Thursday):

“I’ve still got (the chip),” Crayton said Thursday, glancing at his left shoulder. “It just got a little bigger last week. It’s going to stay there. It’s a permanent fixture there.”

Crayton referring to his punt return for a touchdown last Sunday:

“However they come my way, I’ve got to maximize them. I’ve got to squeeze 100 percent of the juice out of it.”

Before last week’s game, after learning of his demotion:

“I had a dropped pass and a muffed punt,” he said. “And the other guy had 250 yards.”

About the notion that he should start ahead of Roy Williams:

“When you give up a first, a third and a sixth and pay a guy that much, he has to play.”

Well, what do you expect him to say? He got demoted, the younger, faster guy got the job. As long as he gives 100% on the field, I don’t really care what he says to the media.

Weekly Game Balls: Week 7

How ’bout them Cowboys! Huge win for our boys in blue and silver last Sunday.This win might be a sign of things to come.

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Miles Austin, again.

How can we deny another game ball to him two games in a row? Miles is proving why we got rid of T.O.

Austin has the game breaking speed and excellent route running that the Cowboys have been lacking for a while.

Austin finished the day with 171 yards on only six catches. He scored two touchdowns along the way. The speedster from little known Monmouth University has given the teams of the NFL a reason to take notice.

We should give Jerry Jones some credit for finding 2 diamonds in the rough. Miles and Tony.

Great work once again Miles!


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to DeMarcus Ware.

The sack flood gates have opened!

The Cowboys sackmaster celebrated his new deal with two sacks and heavy quarterback pressure for the whole game.

Ware also had a forced fumble.

He is a leader on defense and deserved every penny Jerry paid for him.

DeMarcus also finished the day with 2 solo tackles. He is the cornerstone of the new improved defense.

All quarterbacks should be running for their football lives. DeMarcus is here to stay.


Congratulations to Austin and Ware for their great contribution to the victory.

Honorable Mention: Tony Romo, Mike Jenkins

Vote Romo Player of the Week on NFL.COM

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Fans will be voting for more than their favorite player. As part of the Air & Ground program, FedEx continues its support of Safe Kids USA – a national non-profit organization that works to prevent accidental injury among children – by making weekly $1,000 donations in the winning players’ names. The funding, allocated to local Safe Kids coalitions in that team’s city, is used for pedestrian safety improvements throughout the year, from upgraded crosswalks and street signage to traffic barriers and educational training.

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A closer look at the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week finalists:

• Cincinnati’s CARSON PALMER threw five touchdowns, completing 20 of 24 passes for 233 yards in the Bengals’ 45 – 10 win over the Chicago Bears.

• San Diego’s PHILIP RIVERS completed 18 of 30 passes for 268 yards and three touchdowns in the Chargers’ 37 – 7 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

• Dallas’ TONY ROMO completed 21 of 29 passes for 311 yards and three touchdowns in the Cowboys’ 37 – 21 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

A closer look at the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week finalists:

• Cincinnati’s CEDRIC BENSON rushed 37 times for 189 yards and one touchdown in the Bengals’ 45 – 10 win over the Chicago Bears.

• Green Bay’s RYAN GRANT rushed for 148 yards and one touchdown, carrying the ball 27 times in the Packers’ 31 – 3 win over the Cleveland Browns.

• New York Jets’ SHONN GREENE rushed for 144 yards and two touchdowns in the Jets’ 38 – 0 win over the Oakland Raiders.

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Flashback: Dallas vs Seattle – 1980

It was Thanksgiving Day in 1980 when Dallas met up with the Seattle Seahawks, who back then played in the AFC West. Seattle took the giving part of Thanksgiving way too far in this game in the form of points they gave up to Dallas.

The Cowboys came into the game with a 9-3 record, but still looking up to division leader Philadelphia. The Cowboys offense got off to a quick start with Danny White connecting with Tony Hill on an 18 yard touchdown pass and a 7-0 lead.

On Seattle’s second possession they tried to fool the Dallas defense from their own 14 yard line. Quarterback Jim Zorn (Yes, the same Zorn who now coaches the Redskins) handed off to running back Lawrence McCutcheon who then lateraled the ball back to Zorn who was now standing in his own end zone. Feeling the pressure from Dallas linebacker D.D. Lewis, Zorn quickly threw the ball. The pass landed near one of the Seattle offensive lineman and Zorn was penalized for intentional grounding which resulted in a safety since he was in the end zone when he passed the ball. Dallas took a 9-0 lead in the first quarter.

A side note about Jim Zorn that most people may not know. Zorn was a Dallas Cowboy before being released by the team back in 1975.

Things would only get worse for Seattle during the second quarter as Dallas scored 21 points. Randy White sacked Jim Zorn on back to back plays, forcing Seattle to punt from their own five yard line. Danny White drove the offense down the field and threw his second touchdown pass of the first half, this time to tight end Billy Joe DuPree. Dallas increased their lead to 16-0.

On the kickoff the Seattle returner was stripped of the ball by rookie linebacker Anthony Dickerson. Doug Cosbie recovered for the Cowboys at the Seattle 19 yard line. A couple of plays later Ron Springs scored from three yards out and a 23-0 lead.

The turnover trend continued for the Seahawks in the second quarter, Zorn was sacked by Harvey Martin and fumbled. Larry Cole fell on the loose ball at the Seattle 32 yard line. Dallas turned to their running game with Tony Dorsett and Robert Newhouse to move inside the five yard line. From there Newhouse scored from the three yard line with under two minutes left in the first half.

In the first half alone Jim Zorn was sacked four times by the Dallas defense, intercepted once and was responsible for one of the two Seattle fumbles.

Opening the second half Jim Zorn found himself standing on the sidelines watching backup quarterback Sam Adkins take his share of the Seattle beating on this Thanksgiving Day. The Seahawks actually made it to the Dallas one yard line in the third quarter thanks to a 44 yard pass interference penalty on Dallas cornerback Benny Barnes. Seattle failed on first and second down runs. Adkins attempted a pass that fell incomplete on third down and on fourth down Adkins tried to sneak into the end zone, but was stopped by the Dallas defense. There would be no scoring for either team in the third quarter.

As the third quarter ended Dallas linebacker Mike Hegman intercepted his second pass of the game and gave the Dallas offense the ball at the Seattle 26 yard line. Tony Dorsett got involved in the scoring at this point with a one yard run which increased the Dallas lead to 37-0.

On the kickoff Lawrence McCutcheon was hit hard by Hegman causing a fumble which Dallas recovered at the Seattle 11 yard line. From there Dorsett recorded his second one yard touchdown run of the game and a 44-0 lead.

Once again on the kickoff Anthony Dickerson forced another Seattle fumble. Not wanting to be left out, it was Dallas kicker Rafael Septien who recovered the fumble and actually returned it 11 yards to the Seattle 14 yard line.

Dallas finished off their scoring when backup quarterback Glenn Carano threw a 12 yard touchdown pass to Billy Joe DuPree for his second score of the day. Dallas now had the lead on Seattle 51-0.

With only two and half minutes left in the game the Seahawks actually put together a scoring drive against mostly Dallas backups and prevented the shutout on the day. The score actually came from a short Jim Zorn pass as he came off the bench. This Thanksgiving Day game ended with the Cowboys completely destroyed the Seahawks 51-7.

On the day the Dallas defense registered six sacks, recovered four fumbles and intercepted three passes.

“We went into the game hoping our front four could dominate,” Cole said. “And I think we did a pretty good job.”

“I kinda feel for them,” said Dorsett, who managed 107 yards on his 24 carries and scored a pair of touchdowns. “But it was a good game for us. We got some things going today that we’ve needed. The running game, for instance, has picked up considerably in the last few weeks and that’s a good sign.”

“I felt for Seattle,” said head coach Tom Landry afterward. “They’ve had injuries, the extra travel, the short week and their losing streak. On the other hand, we had a good first half (building a 30-0 advantage), both on offense and defense. And I thought our specialty teams were exceptional.”

“As I’ve said before, it’s nice to be in a playoff position, but what we really want to do now is continue to play well,” he declared. “If we can play well the next three weeks against the kind of competition we’re going to face (Oakland, Los Angeles and Philadelphia), we’ll be ready for a playoff shot.”

“If you score 51 points, even in a dummy scrimmage,” he said, “You’ve got to have something going for you.”


You can see the box score from the game here…

Back To The Future

I was sitting at my house earlier in the week watching ESPN Classic featuring the 1991 Cowboys vs Falcons. Although Troy Aikman was not in the game due to an injury, I saw Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin and “MOOSE” Johnston and the way they moved up and down the field and the way the defense took over and controlled every aspect of the game.


Sunday as I was sitting there watching the Cowboys DESTROY the Falcons on defense, I had to remind myself that I was not still watching that same game on ESPN Classic. This was the 2009 Cowboys playing a great game. We dominated on the line and got to the quarterback several times during the game. Yes, it was a rocky start giving them that first drive and touchdown, but when Phillips challenged the defense they stepped up and performed like we knew they could. It was all over but the crying for the Falcons at that point.

As for the offense, T. whO.??? Miles Austin is the name we are and SHOULD be talking about. Jerry Jones said himself, “He has the big play making abilities”. Well that has been proven 2 weeks in a row. Tony Romo is looking like he did last couple of years and seems to be having fun again. Yes once again they looked great, but that has happened before this season.

Don’t get me wrong, I am just as much of a die hard fan as all of us out there. Sitting next to my dad on the couch screaming together as the Cowboys scored. Or even better, when the Cowboys score you pick up your phone, call your dad and when he answers, you both just start screaming then hang up. NO WORDS NECESSARY!! Those are the great phone calls we all love to make. But just like Kelly said, we have to be truthful, and realize there are kinks that need to be worked out.

Penalties are obviously our biggest concern. One thing that needs to be brought to the field, locker room, practice field and everywhere else is discipline. Once that is established and they stop making all the mistakes, I really believe they will have a strong chance at making a very strong push this year. LETS GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!

Finally It All Comes Together

For the first time all season everything came together for the Dallas Cowboys. On Sunday playing against the Atlanta Falcons the Cowboys played a complete game.

Yes, a complete game. The offense was clicking. Romo threw for over 300 yards and went 21 of 29. Miles Austin showed up again with over 100 yards and two touchdowns. The defense came through with four sacks and two turnovers, and the special teams was outstanding. Patrick Crayton ran back a punt for 77 yards and a touchdown and he caught a touchdown as well.

We still had eight penalties in the game, but other than that all phases of the game were clicking. Although we did not have a 100 yard rusher, all backs combined for over a 100 yards.

The Cowboys finally showed us what they are capable of and boy was it nice. I was so happy to see them play so well against a good team. I guess the bye week was good to us and the Cowboys.

With the Giants losing on Sunday, winning this game was huge. Not only did we gain some ground on the Giants, but we beat a team that we may be fighting with down the road to get into the playoffs. This one was really nice! Now bring on the Seahawks we are ready to win another one! GO COWBOYS!

Falcons Cowboys

Let’s Enjoy Austin Without All the Comparisons

StarStruck GraphicsMiles Austin definitely stole the spotlight on Sunday. He did more than his share, helping the Cowboys trounce the Falcons.

However, one thing is really bugging me. I’ve heard people say he’s the new Michael Irvin, I even read an article claiming he is T.O. with smile.

Give Miles Austin his credit for what he has worked hard to accomplish. There is not much about Miles that reminds me of Irvin or Owens. In fact, not to belittle either of those superstars, but Austin did something they never did… and he did it as a #2 receiver. He currently holds the franchise record for receiving yards in a single game. Of course Irvin and Owens hold their own franchise records. Which essentially proves my point even further.

I know people are just excited and happy about the win and the hope that Austin brings for the Cowboys and I love it! I love when the fans get pumped up and enthusiastic.

I’m sure Miles would feel honored to be compared to such great professional players, but I’d also bet he would be the first to tell you he is nothing like them.

Forget the three different personalities and egos, their playing styles are nothing alike. Not to mention, you may be getting a little bit ahead of yourselves.

There’s nothing wrong with being compared to the likeness of football greats, so maybe I am overreacting.

Either way great work Miles keep it up, we are very proud of you!

Oh yeah, and for the record I never got into the whole “The New Triplets” thing with Romo, Owens and Barber a few years ago. We need to make new memories and dynasties. Embrace the past and learn from it, but don’t try to recreate it, it never works out right.

Finally, Ware Gets His Money!

The Cowboys are making the announcement in a press conference as I type this, the DeMarcus Ware deal is done!

Cowboys fans around the nation celebrate!!

Nick Eatman reports on his blog:

While the Cowboys are expected to announce the contract extension of DeMarcus Ware here at 4:30, it’s believed the outside linebacker will receive $40 million guaranteed over the six-year extension that will keep him with the Cowboys through 2015.

Overall, the deal is expected to be $78 million, averaging right at $13 million per season.

A Giant Weekend for the Cowboys

I have a few things to say about this weekend, so I will start off by saying that the Dallas Cowboys looked absolutely amazing against Atlanta.

Our defense, with the exception of the first drive, was amazing, shutting down a very good offense for the majority of the game. The Romo to Austin connection is working better than any of us could have imagined. Austin now has 16 catches, 4 touchdowns and 421 yards in the last two games. That is simply amazing. When Owens was let go, Austin was crowned the man that would fill the big play shoes along with Roy, but for whatever reason that did not happen right away. Austin is now the number one receiver in my eyes. He is great and I will be buying a Austin #19 jersey as soon as I get paid.

Patrick CraytonI am also very proud of Mr. Patrick Crayton. He was said to be moaning and complaining all week long about his jobs being taken away and what did he do? Crayton, even though he didn’t have nearly the day Austin did, pulled in a receiving and punt return TD. Now, I am not saying Crayton saved his position on this team by any stretch, but I am saying this is what every NFL player should do when he is moved down on the depth chart. He should come out and perform. Crayton showed a lot of heart this week that we have never seen from him. I am very impressed in how he handled his situation this week.

How about Ratliff and Ware? These guys are amazing. They put pressure on Atlanta’s offense almost from the very beginning of the game. Pressure after pressure, Ryan was never comfortable in the pocket and that is what helped our secondary. The secondary also played great with the exception of a few bad plays here and there, but nonetheless they held there own against a very good passing attack. The physical nature of the defense, I think, set a tone. Even our corners Newman and Jenkins were smacking people around yesterday. That is what I like to see from our defense, make the Falcons remember the day they played the Dallas Cowboys.

Our team looked very good as a whole yesterday in all three aspects of the game. If they play like this, with intensity and heart, then this team will be in the Super Bowl in February. The sky is the limit.

The Giants did us a very big favor again for the 2nd time in as many weeks by losing again, which pulls us within a half game of the division lead. With a date with the Seahawks coming next week, we could easily be first place in the division this time next week. The Eagles can also help us out with a loss at Washington tonight. We would have sole possession of 2nd place. I do not think the Skins will beat the Eagles. Then again, they do not have to because we travel to Philly next week to face the Eagles. We can do the job ourselves!

*****GO COWBOYS*****