Frustration and Anger

I normally don’t post while I’m upset, but this week I will make an exception. I’ve always thought of myself as a realistic Cowboys fan and I normally tell it like it is. I’ve always expressed my concerns with this team going back to 2007, but I’ve stuck with their decisions. Hoping I would start to see changes in the offense, defense, coaching, play calling and penalties. But to this point I have not seen anything that I would consider progress from this team.

The latest loss was tonight to Denver, 17-10. After scoring 10 points in the first quarter the team could not manage another point the rest of the game. Not to mention yards were close to nothing except for the final drive of the game. The bad play calling is still there, Tony Romo’s bad passes continue and of course the penalties never go away. Sure the defense played well, but then of course they get called for a facemask penalty or a roughing the passer penalty. And the last I knew Mike Jenkins was a cornerback, not a ref that is supposed to make an incomplete pass call without touching the receiver first.

This team has been inconsistent in all areas for the last few seasons. Simply said…Same team, different season. After the loss to the Giants I waited a few days to calm down because I did not want to bash my team. But this is how I have felt for so long with this team. I’ve been loyal to the Cowboys since I was 9 years old. And because of that I feel I can criticize when things are not going right. Especially when the same things are happening over the last few seasons with most of the same players and coaches. NO, Terrell Owens has nothing to do with this. Which is my point. The same things were happening with him and they continue without him.

I’ve supported Tony Romo since the very beginning, but it’s getting very hard to continue with that support over his inconsistent play game after game and season after season. We can’t keep saying this is only Romo’s second season or third season and so on. He is a veteran QB who has been in the league long enough not to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. He continues to make the bad throws behind receivers or over their heads. He just seems like he rushes to throw the ball often and whether it’s his fault or not I’m tired of him waiting until their is one second left on the play clock before getting the play off.

The offensive line has played together long enough together and have been in the league long enough not to keep having the same false starts, holding and now add tripping to their penalties.

The play calling by Jason Garrett makes me want to bang my head against a wall. The same goes with Garrett as it does with the players. I’m not seeing any changes or improvements over the last few years.

The defense still does not respond in big moments. This was the season all of that was going to change with Wade Phillips taking over. But I still see a defense that can not pressure the quarterback, coan not blitz effectively, and gives a lot of cushion to opposing receivers. I watch other defenses in the league as they fly all over the field and attack offenses and I wonder why the Dallas defense can not do some of the same things.

I just don’t know what to say anymore and maybe I have not expressed myself correctly. Maybe I should have waited before posting tonight. I’m just tired of making excuses for this team and coaching staff. I’m tired of their excuses as well. Once again this week we will hear Romo talk about learning from the game and getting better, we will hear about the missed opportunities, we will hear Wade talk about how they did some good things, but need to just focus in some areas. I’m just tired of it. Is the coaching, is the players, is it both? I just don’t know.

Yes, I’m very tired of it all. I’m frustrated because of how much of a fan I am of the Cowboys. I want good things for the team. I want them to be champions again. I want them to add to the Dallas Cowboys history. Some people might accuse me of being a bandwagon fan, of not supporting them 100%. But I believe that being a loyal fan means telling it like it is. Not pretending there isn’t a problem when it’s clear that there is. How much longer can this continue before it’s addressed? I do know one thing, even with the frustration and anger I am feeling right now I will be sitting here again next week when the kickoff happens with the Kansas City Chiefs.

  1. April

    Rob you have every right to be frustrated we all are feeling the same thing and admittedly if the Cowboys would have won all would be well with the world. I have to be honest with myself after years of being a Cowboys fan and seeing how this team is with the same madness for the past two seasons I”m willing to rest in the fact that it may be a long seasons of ups and downs and any Wins The Cowboys get are a great surprise considering but the next week maybe a different story. One of the DC Beat writers said it best when he said “The Penalties and the Undisciplined actions of the players on the team is not going to change until someone comes in and changes the culture of the team” That means WADE has to go. Honestly Tony Romo is a good QB and he did really well when Parcells was in town but now There’s no one here to keep Tony on the straight and narrow. I’ve accepted This is My Team whether I like it or not We Win Together We lose together Cowboys for Life

    • Rob V.

      I agree. The Boys are what they are. Even if they had won today I would have had the same kind of thoughts that I’ve had the past two years. Although my feeling would have stayed bottled up for a while longer. The Boys two wins are from teams with a combined record of 0-7. I guess that means their chances next week are pretty good in KC.

  2. Rob, I’m glad you didn’t wait. Many of the great points you made are in my recap which I’ll post in the morning. Too many fans consider a strong passion for improvement and recognizing a teams faults as being a hater. The fact is that they are the best fans. This team is riddled with problems. They lack a killer instinct and they dont hate losing as much as their opponents do. Great post.

  3. D-Ware Fan

    I agree with Rob and April. This sucks, The Boys had this game and again folded at the end. Let’s see what happens in KC.

  4. Tiffany

    Great job Rob. I couldn’t have said it better. We as fans have a right to be upset. It doesn’t make us less fans. As Joe said, it’s what makes us fans altogether.

  5. Derek S,

    Rob I agree with you 100% bro, I could not have said any of that better. Jason Garrett is a HORRIFIC play caller. If you need confirmation just look at what they did last week when they threw the ball twice on the 1-yard line. He wants to throw throw throw, and there is no excuse for it anymore since T.O. is gone. He has worn out his welcome and I hope to god he never becomes the head coach. I also believe Wade Phillips will be gone next year as well, if not demoted to defensive coordinator. I’m so tired of his AWW SHUCKS attitude every time Dallas screws up.

    At first I thought it was simply AWFUL play calling, but now I am starting to realize that Romo has played horrendous this year, and an equal amount of blame should be placed on him. I hope to god that we bring in Bill Cowher, who will put down the iron fist on these undisciplined players and bring back the run-first mentality which is undeniably neccessary now that we have 3 starting running backs.

  6. Rob V.

    Thanks everyone for your nice words. In my opinion if changes are coming it has to be pretty much everyone. You can not fire Wade and keep Garrett. If one goes, than both have to go along with people like Dave Campo and Wade Wilson. For whatever reason things are just not working. I look at the Jets who in one off season now has a defense flying all over the place and making plays. Corner blitzes, delayed blitzes. It seems as though when Dallas blitzes every play hits a brick wall which then puts all the pressure on the secondary. As far as Romo and the offense. You are right Joe. Losing doesn’t seem to bother them, at least on camera anyway. I want fire, I want someone to throw something, get in someone’s face like Dawkins did yesterday in the second quarter.

  7. Full Metal Black

    I’m with you this one Rob. 1000%. I’m not bashing my team but I am mad as all hell. I’m having my doubts. The coaching mostly. Wade and Garrett’s play calling is really what I’m mad at. I just want to win. Were still going to the playoffs but damn, I rather get blown out then lose in a game I knew we could win.

  8. William Howell

    I agree totally, I cannot believe that we have 4 wide receivers, 2 good tightends and not one of them can get open. How could the defense be covering everyone all of the time. When we do get one open Romo overthrows, underthrows or throws a pick. I cannot understand what is wrong this offense. The defense did well for the majority of the game, they kept us in it, but the offense has to do something to win the game.

  9. jaime

    Totally in agreement. Especially in the play calling and in the way the players are disiplined. There are just too many good players on the team and not enough of good coaches.

  10. C Moore

    I’m a Cowboy fan for life, through the trials and tribulations, i’ll always be there. I’ve had a night to think about it.. I’m done making excuses, the players aren’t playing up to potential, i’ll say it now, this teams true number one option is #82… No team has ever won that way, this team doesn’t have a true WR that can stretch the field. We lost that when we let Terrell Owens go. I know I’ll probably get jumped for saying that, but it’s true, believe what you want. I’m not a T.O. advocate by any means, but he brought that big play threat. Who do we have now that can stretch the field, Miles Austin? He hasn’t done much of anything besides a 42 yard reception for a TD against a less than great Tampa Bay team, the first game of the season. How about giving Ogletree a shot? He can’t do any worse. And he had a good preseason. Give Him His Shot!! Rob I disagree with your statement about the offense not caring about losing. I saw Jason Witten mad on the sidelines. But, I get it, one player doesn’t mean much.

    Tony Romo is the most inconsistent QB in the NFL right now, I can say that without hesitation. But I won’t give up on him, he’s the only viable option in my eyes at the QB position at this time… Do we honestly think Kitna can do better? Or McGee? Romo is the best option. Sorry. With that being said Romo did make the right read by going to Sam Hurd on the final two plays, he had one on one coverage, Bailey just played good defense.

    Coaching staff, specifically the Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator, well, Garrett doesn’t seem to be the offensive genius he seemed to be after the 2007 season. And Wade, he’s a good Coordinator but not a good head coach, he doesn’t possess that fire and will to win that a head coach should have.

    I expect a revamp of the coaching staff in the off season, if not before.

    That being said, give credit where it’s due. The Broncos proved why they have the number one defense in the league.

    Stay strong Cowboys Fans!

    True Blue!!

    • Full Metal Black

      Thanks Man, we saw eye to eye on the chat yesterday and it’s the same today. I love Romo. I really do but he’s not superman, and we do see him in “Beer-Goggle” vision. He’s better then Kitna and McGee(To be honest his talent is unknown). Romo outta 100 is about 88, he’s better then most but not the best. He’s kinda like Trent Dilfer to me. Not the best but he’s the best we got. The coaching is whats killing this team right now.

      • C Moore

        Dilfer won a superbowl, Romo will too, He just needs a better coach, perhaps Cowher or Gruden even.

        Coaching is what costs us games ultimately people.

    • Rob V.

      Rob I disagree with your statement about the offense not caring about losing.

      I don’t believe I ever said that. I know they care, but something is just not right with this team and it can be traced back the last few years.

  11. Cat

    I’ve loved this team since I sat in front of the t.v. on a Monday night with a baby bottle, pointing at Roger the dodger, and trying to say star. With that said, my love for this team remains the same.

    But I would like to say a few things in response to this wonderful post. I can feel the pain and passion through the words of the writer and I feel the same way.

    The coaches need to go. Jerry needs to step out of the GM role right quick. The O-line needs to concentrate on their QB, not their next performance or song.

    Tony needs a coach that can push him, instead of being afraid to approach him. These guys need a coach with FIRE and BALLS. That’s right…BALLS of FIRE….to harness the talent that we do have, to make these guys tow the line. Obviously Flozell still thinks it’s OK to trip and screw us on penalty yards. They seem undisciplined and more in awe of their surroundings than anything else.

    The cage dancers and three ring circus needs to head out of Big D. I have nothing against beautiful women, I love them, but there is a time and place for everything.

    I’m venting and it feels good, I’ve been battling with other Cowboys fans who want Romo’s head and Kitna on the field. I don’t agree. I still support Tony, maybe foolishly, but support him just the same.

    C’mon Jerry, we all know how much you love this team, but PLEASE wake up and do what’s best for the team, the fans, and the game of football.

    I love the Dallas Cowboys.

    • C Moore

      It’s foolish for people to want Kitna over Romo in my opinion, Kitna is old, and he doesn’t possess the skills that Romo has. It’s ludicrous, if you really think about it….

      Stupid penalties need to stop. QB protection needs to be better. And the OC needs to let Tony do his thing, his way. He’s not a pocket passer people. He does better when he scrambles. Think about that.

      • April

        C Moore I totally believe in Romo and I also disagree with People who want Kitna (did anyone watch the pre season games) I know Fans are upset with the way Romo played but the guy needs BETTER Coaching bottom line. Go back to 06 when Sean Payton (4-0 with the Saints)and Parcells was here. Parcells made sure Romo stayed on the “Reservation” in hindsight that was the best thing for him. Forget this Players Coach stuff. 13-3 was honestly the residual of Bill Parcells and I thought I would never say this..OMG but its true. Bring on Gruden he actually likes Romo and said so Last Monday Night. Cowboys For Life

  12. Mary Lou Herrera

    Im simply fed that everyone keeps on passing the buck. I agree with all of you that the players are making stupid penalties. However, I feel Mr. Romo has to go. He under, over passes, and can’t even scramble. He just falls on his own, so he won’ get hurt. What an embarrassment!!! Also he’s good at throwing interceptions and fumbling the ball while under pressure. I will always be Dallas Cowboy fan, but come on know when to give up Romo. While Kitna is old, I think we all know he can scramble, and then there’s always Mcgee from Tx. He could be given the chance, just like Choice, and just look how well that has turned out. GO COWBOYS!!!

    • C Moore

      I’m sorry but I disagree with everything you said. Romo scrambles and does so effectively, the only time he goes down voluntarily is when there’s no chance at a play!! And please tell you’re not reffering to the fumble yesterday…. Because that was not his fault! A Blind side strip, there’s nothing any team can do about that.

      We as fans want this to be a perfect process, it isn’t. Nothing ever is.

    • Cat

      Romo is a great scrambler!!! and Romo is a gunslinger…..but it seems the coaches are trying to take that aspect of his game away from him. You cannot take the gunslinger out the Cowboy. Try that with Brett Favre and see what happens. It just doesn’t work.

      Romo was sacked 5 times and under pressure the whole game. Nobody is trying to ‘pass the buck’ but we all watched the same game and know what we saw. Some of the receiver don’t run their routes like they should, and it makes Romo look even worse. Just sayin.

      It starts at the top. JJ getcha head out ya a$$ and smell the L’s.

  13. I Really like all the responses.But honestly how many were saying this 6mos be honest I was and I listened to everyone blame T.O. when the same is going on now and some blame romo and some jason garett we haven’t done alot anything since jimmy johnson so top blame is jerry jones so if he’s gonna role heads he need to role his first then go down the page.

  14. Rob V.

    I know I’ve been saying it for a long time now. Sure TO put up good numbers, but the bottom line is they weren’t winning with him and it’s the same without him. Sure, they went 13-3 in 2007. But I’m talking about having success in the playoffs.

    How many people think that if Jimmy Johnson was itching to get back into coaching that he would set this team straight and start knocking some heads around.

    • Full Metal Black

      I do. Jimmy would do us some good. Anyone but Phillips right now. This season is gonna be rough but i still see a winning season outta all of this crap.

      We’re better off without TO. Anyone who thinks we needed him to win needs to sit and think about that. He’s better off in Buffalo screwing them up.