Set Him Free

Tony RomoI have watched Romo from the second he took the field in the the 3rd quarter at Texas Stadium against the NY Giants in 2006, and I have seen a remarkable playmaker ever since. I have also seen somebody that may be influenced a bit.

Our quarterback Tony Romo is no longer our quarterback Tony Romo, he is a shell of what he once was. Yes, he will make mistakes but at the same time he will win more football games than he will lose for us.

To all of you who do not know,  Romo is 29-14 as a starter and has a QB rating in the 90’s. I am no expert but I think that is pretty good. Let our playmaker be a playmaker. Romo is not a game manager and this is the result we get when we turn him into a game manager. That’s like telling Mike Vick do not run, or McNabb do not scamble, or better yet telling Peyton Manning he needs to scramble more. It’s just not his game and probably never will be. Being a game manager is not what Romo is, not what he is built for. He is built to take chances. With a short term memory he already has won more than he has lost and at the end of the day that is what we want, right?

Our Dallas Cowboys will have a much much better chance at winning games that matter most when we have that gunslinger under center or in the shotgun. I say we rally around our guy and support him because the more we doubt him, the more cautious he becomes. And the more cautious he is, the more we lose heartbreakers like the one last week in Denver.

We have a smashmouth physical running game. If we can get the passing attack going, we will be extremely dangerous in December and January.

We all saw the play last Sunday. All afternoon we witnessed Romo, the pocket QB, getting hit almost every time he dropped back. Then, with the game on the line 4th and 3, he turned into Super Romo and used he God given talent and made a play that kept the game alive. That is the Tony Romo we need.

John Kitna is not the answer, and Stephen McGee definitely is not the answer at QB for us. Everyone did the same thing last year, complained about Romo and called for Brad Johnson. Then Romo got hurt and Brad came in and we got destroyed in St. Louis. After that, in the middle of the Giants game in New York you all called for Brooks Bollinger. Look at how all those executive decisions turned out.

Be grateful we have a young undrafted free agent at QB. Sure he will make mistakes. Duh! That’s why he was never drafted. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. I am sure the Rams or Browns, or Bills, would love our dissapointment of a QB.

So, come on guys sit back and enjoy being a Cowboys fan. You should feel honored to represent the STAR. GO COWBOYS!

  1. Full Metal Black

    good point and great blog. That’s all I’ve got to say. I’m with you 100%

  2. Tom

    I’m much more willing to accept a 4 TD 2 INT game than what we’re getting now. I want my Romo back!!! To those of you who wanted him to protect the ball, this is the guy you get. Let him be himself and accept what happens!

  3. james edwards

    That is exactly what I am saying thank you, people are always yelling we want him more conservative a pocket qb well this is the product of thet. Iy’s not pretty is it?? I want the risk taking gunslinging 13-3 Tony Romo back not the conservative protective 11-9 (last yaer anmd 4 games this year) Romo back

  4. nate

    i just want a winner on the field. if he throws high over the middle again im reaching in the tv and choking him myself.

  5. Tiffany

    Good writing James. I think I will keep my Romo comments to myself right now.

    • james edwards

      i am sorry I to offend you if I did these are just my views my opinions I dont mind hearing anything anybody has to say as long as it is respectful

  6. April

    I love Romo. As He said Last Year Enjoy the Journey. This is NOT A Sprint its a Marathon. Lets Support Him. all the negative stuff people have to say about him and we are suppose to be FANs Thats like coming home from a hard days work where all your critics were on you all day only to find your Fan-ly put you down and don’t support you either. Its hard enough on the outside. Go Cowboys!!

    • nate

      i agree, april, however when he hangs his receivers out over the middle TWICE in a row to get killed, the family AND the fanly have the right to step in. thats my receiver…sniff, sniff…

      • April

        I hear you Nate but if the Receiver would have made the Play Tony is a Hero right…Don’t get me wrong I don’t agree with what happened but you have to admit if Roy made the play would we even be having this conversation?

        • james edwards

          Romo hung him out there but at the same time the recievers have not gotten seperation from the defense all season so far

        • nate

          yes. i would definately bring it up.

  7. james edwards

    I didnt mean anybody to be in a way censored tese are just my opinions no offense or disrespect to anybody, just my argument for Tony Romo. I love the Dallas Cowboys and anybopdy who wears that star player, coaches, fans everybody. I would love to hear everybodys views for and against Romo and the Cowboys, and I will respect evybody and whatever they believe

  8. Amy

    Hey there guys,
    I totally agree. I think we need to have more faith in Tony that he’ll do the right thing. Excellent posting today. He’s not perfect, but he’s ours, and we know what he can and will do for us…

  9. Raina

    I agree with your blog. It seems like Romo is not the same FUN QB that could roll out of the pocket and make miracles happen. He also gets blamed for every catch the receivers should of made happen.

  10. Nicole V

    Great Block and so true. Someone took the fun out of the game for Tony and I think it’s Jason Garrett. Let Tony be Tony and we’ll be fine.

  11. Corey Moore

    Let Tony be himself and this team will be fine. I’ve said it from the beginning of the season, Romo isn’t a pocket passer!! He’s more like Roger than Troy, although he’s not like either… He’s like himself!! Lay off him, and he’ll be fine!