A Win Is A Win…Right?

Dallas Cowboys 26 – Kansas City Chiefs 20, in OVERTIME. Yes I did say overtime, a place Dallas really should of never been in this game. I will give credit to the Chiefs for their hard fought part of the game, they came to play. But the lack-luster performance of the Cowboys still has me very concerned for any legitimate run at the Super Bowl. This turned out to be a classic example of how the Dallas Cowboys now play their games, ugly. By the end I had handfuls of hair on the floor to pickup, and heard inappropriate words coming out of my mouth I didnt even know I knew (sorry kids). But they did get the win which in the big picture is the most important thing and we will take it.

However it does bring up the fact that they still have a lot of work to do, and there are changes that need to be made. If you look at just the stats of this game, 498 total yards (348 passing, 150 yards rushing) you would think this team was a model of efficiency. But 119 of those passing yards came on two receptions to Miles Austin, one being a 60 yard touchdown and the other being a 59 yard touchdown and both mainly because of the yards after the catch Austin was able to get after breaking tackles. Miles did a great job filling in for the ailing Roy Williams who didnt even make the trip to Kansas City. Tashard Choice taking the extra carries that would of gone to Felix Jones (knee) also did a nice job when called upon. Choice had 92 yards and a touchdown on only 8 carries.

One statistic that really gets under my skin, and seems to be a staple in every Cowboys game and season is the amount of penalties they have. 13 penalties for 90 yards, 13 for 90?! How can you expect to win with that many penalties and that many yards? If this game was against a team even slightly better than the Chiefs the Cowboys would of lost this game, that is unacceptable and shows a huge lack of discipline. As I continue to watch Dallas games I am starting to see a few things that add to my concern for this team.

Wade Phillips is one of the concerns. I have no ill will towards Wade Phillips, seems like a nice guy, probably easy to get a long with, but he may be too nice. He doesn’t seem like the Head Coach type. Obviously I dont know him, I am not at team meetings or practices but I get the feeling he doesn’t know how to yell, or especially motivate. It seems that his personality actually carries over to the team which could be hurting them. Eventually owner Jerry Jones will make a change at Head Coach for his team, not sure when but it will happen, it has to. Another observation I really noticed in this game was lack of composure in Tony Romo. He seems to over throw, or throw behind players at even the slightest feeling of pressure. He is a quarterback and needs to be able to throw accurately while under pressure and then take a hit.

Like I said earlier, the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of work still to do. The good thing is the season is still young, and there is plenty of time to make the changes necessary to become a dominate team. But it seems to me that these issues are the same issues we have been talking about for the past few seasons with no better results. Stop the penalties, Romo stand and deliver, Wade Phillips grow a back bone and motivate or move on, and I think the rest will fall into place. We have a bye week next week so lets get healthy, then we come back and take it to the Atlanta Falcons in Dallas. This will be a good test for the Boys to see how far they have come, lets get another win, and this time make it an unquestionable one.

  1. D-Ware Fan

    Finally my boy D-Ware got his sacks(2). Ugly win but i’ll take it over a lost any day. It was good to see the Boys rally at the end.
    Go Cowboys!!!

    • TJ Cooper

      Yes Ware finally had one, he has been close a few times he has the motor that never stops. First of many. I will take the win too, just wish it didnt have to come to having to rally. Now lets keep rolling.

  2. Rob V.

    we also need to remember that even with some big plays by the defense today, that they seem to always not respond when needed. Could not hold the lead late against the Giants, with the game tied against Denver they gave up the winning TD and today they could not hold the 20-13 lead. All those off-sides penalties did not help today. But yes, a win is a win. Teams have turned it around on games like today. Two weeks to prepare for Atlanta and get healthy.

  3. TJ Cooper

    I agree Rob, the D has had its issues like that, but hope it is a turning point.

  4. LIS

    Great analysis by Cooper. It was a win, but it was just hard to watch. I hope after he fires Wade he does not make Jason Garett head coach.

    • TJ Cooper

      Thanks LIS. At first I wanted Garret but his play calling over the last couple years is causing me to lean a different way.

      • Rob V.

        It’s because he seems to run the same plays over and over. How many times a game do you want to run a delayed draw. I think teams will catch on to it after a while. And can we please stop Romo from taking the snap with one second left on the play clock all the time. How about a quick snap as soon as he gets to the line to try and take advantage that maybe the defense isn’t set.


    So we won in OT and Romo, yes Romo, threw a 60 yd TD catch to Miles Austin. So maybe it’s time for tose Cowboy fans and critics to shut up about Tony not being able to win the big game and under pressure. This was a big game and don’t tell me it wasn’t because if they had lost, oh boy, better move the team before a mutiny happens. Oh, we don’t don’t have a wide receiving corp. Well the third string WR just had over 250 yds and 2 TD’s. The defense played awesome in my opinion and really stayed on the field a long time in order to get us the ball back and have an opportnity to score. The Patriots and the love of QB’s TOm Brady are 3-2 now too… Oh, like us, that’s weird. I bet you though, a better team and QB as that of the Patriots will be overseen compared to what the media and fans will say about the Cowboys and how they should have done this and that.Guys, its called execution and teamwork. If you have that, and you show up to play then we can win the games. Its a team sport, team penalties, and not all on one person that loses a game. Perception can do a lot. If it is perceived by the media and it’s own fans that the team has no leadership and has a QB that can’t do this and can’t do that, then thats all that this team will be. Its time for us fans to get behind this team and stop with the doomsday talk just because of a couple of bad plays after a win. I’m calling for all Dallas Cowboy fans to stop s!*t talkig and promoting all the negativity and get behind this team. We can’t let others tell us we can’t be a great team that I believe we can and will be. Come on, are you TRUE BLUE?

    • Tony Romo still hasn’t shown that he can win a big game. You call beating the Chiefs a big game??? Really???

      My definition of a big game is a game with post season ramifications, or playing agaist a fierce division rival.

      If beating an 0-5 last place team constitutes a big game for the Cowboys, then we got bigger problems than I originally thought.

      The sad part is that we couldnt even beat this terrible team in regulation. Even Oakland beat this team. The same Oakland that got trounced 44-7 by the Giants today.

      Lets stop drinking the Koolaid, and try being a little more realistic.

    • Nicole V

      I say we saw some signs of hope and they pulled together as a team and won as a team because THE TEAM really wanted this win. It’s a start and it’s not too late. I don’t care how ugly the win was, we won. Maybe that is what the team needed to get over whatever issue there is. I agree, this is our team so stick by it. Don’t listen what the Haters say because they will always be there. GO Cowboys.

  6. Great recap TJ! Loved the flow of it and your points were spot on. Like you said though, the Cowboys still have a lot of work to do. Lets temper the enthusiasm a little bit, this was the Chiefs not the Giants or Eagles.

  7. William Howell

    Very happy that we won the game, but I am telling you, Flozell Adams needs to be benched! He has had so many penalties this year and it seems that every time we are in the red zone or we had a big play there he is committing a penalty. I cannot believe the coaches do not get upset at him and they do not even yell at the guy. What is going on with the coaches???

  8. Tom

    Beating KC was a big game. Think of the next two weeks with a LOSS making you 2-3? The win was big. Penalties and the lack of the D being able to get off the field was so bad. The game NEVER should have come down to a TD pass near the end of regulation. Time and time again the D cannot make one play to stop a team from marching down the field and scoring. Jenkins and Watkins each got burned. Is Miles a bonafide threat? Maybe, maybe not, but there is only one way to find out. I’m glad for the win, and we should have won, but KC played their hearts out. They played their best game of the year by far against us. Take the win any way you can get it.

  9. jaime

    It was a good win, not a great win. I’m in the middle right now. I love that the cowboys won, but I didnt like that the cowboys barely beat a winless team. I agree that they still have a bit of issues to fix. Great game for Ware, though. Even better game for Austin and Choice, whom I think shoud be starting. As for the defense, well, the passing coverage still needs a lot of work. I still have been losing my faith in Wade Phillips as a coach, but its still very early in the season.

  10. Mary Lou Herrera

    I think it was a barely won game, and I agree with Joe D. Romo still hasn’t shown us anything. However, the penalties were gruesome. Let’s face it guys, we have the players, but they still are not playing as a team. I do think that Austin should be the starter, and they should give the ball more to Choice. They both can produce results. The defense needs to start doing their job!!! No more penalties, Flozell!!! GO COWBOYS!!!