Weekly Game Balls: Week 5

What a game. Should have not been as close as it was but a win is a win. We have seen some first and a record breaking day.

What a game! It should have not been as close as it was, but a win is a win. We witnessed some firsts and a record breaking day.

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Miles Austin.

This speedy wide receiver had a record breaking day with 250 yards on 10 catches with 2 game saving touchdowns.

His first score almost won the game for the Cowboys, but the one in overtime counted for the “W”.

Austin just might have earned his starting spot. Miles is the game breaking threat the Cowboys need.

He also could have had a few more touchdowns on the day. But he couldn’t secure a couple of throws from Tony.

Great job Miles Austin.


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to Keith Brooking.

Brooking is the solid linebacker that was needed to compliment the defense.

Brooking finished the game with 8 solo tackles and helped on 3 more. He also recorded a sack on Matt Cassel. He came flying from up the middle to take him down.

With all the pressure the Cowboys gave the Chiefs on Sunday, Keith also had 4 QB hits.

His leadership speaks for itself. You can find the veteran linebacker running up and down the sidelines when he’s not on the field. He gets this team pumped up! It feels like Brooking has been a Cowboy all of his life.

Keep up the great work Keith Brooking!


Congratulations to Austin and Brooking for their great contribution to the overtime win.

Honorable Mention: DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo, Jay Ratliff

  1. William Howell

    Kelly, I totally agree with both, great job to both of them!

  2. James Edwards

    I would argue Ware on teh defense but great picks the front 7 played great and Austin none need be said those numbers speak for themselves

  3. April

    Kelly Those were two of the Best Players on Sunday. I would like to Add Choice only because he played very well with 8 rushes for 92 yards and a TD.
    Miles certainly has earned more playing time. I believe if he has more opportunities he will be able to see what he can really do in a game and Sunday was definitely a turning point for him. He had three balls thrown at him in the endzone two he just couldn’t hang on and the other one Romo over threw but imagine if he would have caught those balls 4TDs on the Day and no need for OT.
    Keith Brooking.. Not only is he a stud but he’s a motivational playmaker. All over the field. Great Job Brooking!