Finally, Ware Gets His Money!

The Cowboys are making the announcement in a press conference as I type this, the DeMarcus Ware deal is done!

Cowboys fans around the nation celebrate!!

Nick Eatman reports on his blog:

While the Cowboys are expected to announce the contract extension of DeMarcus Ware here at 4:30, it’s believed the outside linebacker will receive $40 million guaranteed over the six-year extension that will keep him with the Cowboys through 2015.

Overall, the deal is expected to be $78 million, averaging right at $13 million per season.

  1. Riggs

    WOOHOOO! Deserves every penny, hope he retires a Cowboy!

  2. D-Ware Fan

    Great move Jerry. It’s about time he resigned D-WARE.

  3. i luv ware

    Yay yay yay!!!! That is a great move!

  4. Rob V.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!! This had to be bothering Ware. I don’t care how much he said it wasn’t a distraction. Now that it’s done and he can just play football, it’s open season on all QB’s. B-Ware of D-Ware

  5. C Moore

    Great News! And Well Deserved!! Who do you think will be next?? I personally think it should be Ratliff, and then Miles if he continues to consistently perform!