A Walk Down Memory Lane

I thought I would do something a little different this week. I completely agree with Rob V.  Believing in our team, knowing that the “turnaround” will come. Year in and year out, the waiting is starting to wear on me. So I think to myself, how did this all begin, how did I become a fan, better yet, how am I still a fan of a team that has not won a playoff game in 12 years.  So I decided to look back at the Dallas Cowboys history and remind myself, what is it about the Dallas Cowboys that keeps me fighting for them year after year

December of 1959, the NFL decided to add an expansion team to the league, and thus began, THE DALLAS COWBOYS.  Throughout the years, coaches and players alike have come and gone, and throughout the years, legends were born and history was made.

Don Meredith was the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys. They went 0-11-1 in their first season in the NFL. September 17, 1961, they won their first game against Pittsburgh, 27-24. By December of 1967, even though the Dallas Cowboys had lost 2 consecutive championship games, history was on their side.  Mike Gaechter, a cornerback, returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown, and in the same game, Amos Marsh returned a kickoff for 101 yards for a touchdown. Making that the first game in NFL to have 2 returns for 100 yards or more in one game.

January 1972, With Roger Staubach as quarterback, the Cowboys win their 1st Super Bowl against Miami, 24-3. Thus beginning the run of 5 Super Bowl championships. In 1975, the Dallas Cowboys franchise began, what they called, “THE RING OF HONOR”. Honoring the greats that graced the fields week in and week out.  Bob Lilly, Don Meredith, Don Perkins, Mel Renfro, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Roger Staubach, the list goes on and on.  20 players in all have been inducted into the Ring of Honor, and I am certain that there is plenty more to come.

February 1989, for me was a sad day.  Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys, and ended one of the, if not THE greatest coaching careers of all time.  Jerry replaced Tom Landry with Jimmy Johnson as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Over the course of the next 4 years the Dallas Cowboys won 3 Super Bowl championships, had 2 players, Tony Dorsett and Randy White, and Coach Tom Landry, inducted into the Hall of Fame.  They sent 22 players in 4 years to the Pro Bowl, and Emmitt Smith became a legend winning 3 consecutive rushing titles.

Since Jerry Jones replaced Tom Landry as head coach, Dallas has had 6 head coaches and several other staff come and go, with no results.  However, players like Darryl “Moose” Johnston, and Jay Novacek, kept me watching the Dallas Cowboys week in and week out. Yes, it has been far too long since Dallas has won a championship, or even a playoff game for that matter. But as I look back at the history of our team, donned “America’s Team” by Bob Ryan after the 1978 season, I think to myself.  How could I cheer for another team, it would be like turning my back on my family.

This week, was a very tough loss for me. A very tough loss for all of us. But just like the history shows, we will bounce back.  We will prevail! This is only the 4th game of the season, and there is plenty more football to play.  So let’s get behind our team, let’s show them our support, and show them no matter what happens, we are behind them 100%.  Let’s show our “RING OF HONOR” we will NEVER let them down.  GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

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    • Joe D.
      Joe D. says:

      At least we have a history, and a damn good one at that. What do you have besides one of the most unoriginal team names in the NFL? Your team hasn’t even sniffed a Super Bowl. If you apologize, we might let you get a glimpse of our five trophies, because that’s the closest you’ll ever get to seeing one.

      • Rob V.
        Rob V. says:

        Why is Eric even on LSS??? Could be because the Texans don’t have enough history to even create a site or have enough of a following.

    • D-Ware Fan
      D-Ware Fan says:

      Erica is a Texan fan LMAO. I didn’t know Houston had a team again lol. Erica you and your Texans SUCK!!! Don’t come back now ya hear.

    • Webstar
      Webstar says:

      The Texans?!!!! Are you serious? Get to the playoff before you can even begin to speak on the Cowboys. The Texans will always be the in the Cowboys shadow and will never have as much success.

  1. Webstar
    Webstar says:

    Man it never ceases to amaze me how these fans of these second rate NFL teams can try to diss the Cowboys. Houston didn’t win jack as the Oilers and they won’t win jack as the Texans. Matter of fact your got it’s nam,e from the old Dallas Texans!!!!! The real Texans are now the K.C. Cheifs. The Cowboys will bounce back ans continue our winning legacy in due time while the Texans will eventually decline and have to move again. Sorry Eric. Hey, at least you can root for the LONGHORNS.


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