An Ode To The Fans

As I watch the Dallas Cowboys travel around the football nation, playing different venues. I notice something. No matter where we are playing, NY, TB, Denver, Kansas City, Philadelphia and even Washington, what do you ALWAYS see? You see a Dallas Cowboys fan. WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!! They can hate us all they want, they can talk down about our team all they want, but one thing they can never take away from the Dallas Cowboys are the fans.

All the ups and downs that we have gone thru so far this season, and yet, here we are, defending our QB till the very end. Telling everyone our defense IS one of the best. Willing our team to victory and wiping the tears from our eyes when we lose. Taking the heat of all of the “Cowboy Haters” out there, telling us it’s just another losing season for us, but not believing that. Knowing that we have what it takes to win. We stand behind our team rain or shine, hot or cold, WIN OR LOSE!!!


No matter what happens on the field, in the locker room, or what you see in the media.  We will always be here, we will be everywhere. We will never go away. We have been with our team thru the hardest of times and thru the best of times. We have stood behind the decision making process of the owner Jerry Jones. We may disagree with him, but we stand behind him. Not because “the owner says so” or because we have too, but because we WANT too.

With all that said, let it be known that no matter what happens, we will defend our team, our honor as a fan. We will make noise in the NFL world, letting all the other fans out there know, that the Dallas Cowboys fans are here for life. We are not going anywhere, we will stand. When all is said and done, and the Dallas Cowboys are on top of the NFL world, all the other fans out there can eat their hearts out and then THEY can think, well maybe next year!!!

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  1. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    Yes, I agree, the Cowboys have fans all over the US. However, I also agree with Dave, romo has to go. He’s bringing everyone down, and the team as a whole feels it. The Cowboys will always be Americas’ Team, GO COWBOYS!!!

  2. Eddie Bates
    Eddie Bates says:

    Very well put! For those of us that have stuck in out. To me as I have always said. It would not matter to me if the Cowboys never won another game, I would still wear my jersey once a week. Anyone who would muddle up such a great blog well…Romo has to go… c’mon you need to rethink things. I remember a quarterback that only won one game all year. Went on to win three rings..Yea that’s right Aikman. Tony Romo is one of the most exciting quarterbacks when forced out of the pocket. He is going through something now that he needed two years ago. Total ownership of the ship. I know that Romo will go on to do great things and He will end up wearing at least one of those rings that Staubach, D.White, & Aikman share.

      CHERYL L ADAMS says:

      I live in New Orleans LA, I have been and will be a Dallas Cowboys fan until the end. I wear my jerseys all the time and will continue to wear them. I just ordered a new jersey for Thanksgiving Day, Saints vs Cowboys in Dallas. I gave a party last year for the Saints/Cowboys game and had a BALL with the “WIN’. Half of my family stop speaking to me, but I still enjoyed the “WIN”. Can’t wait to feel this year’s “WIN.
      Waiting for my new jersey to come in hope it gets to New Orleans by Thanksgiving.

      GO BOYS GO, I Love You Boys since the 70’s


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