Cowboys Won Big On Their Bye Week

NFCThe Cowboys had a bye week this week, but at the same time they still won very big this weekend.

The 5-0 Giants went down to face the also undefeated New Orleans Saints and let’s just say Brees was Brees. The Giants came up 3 touchdowns short, losing 48-27. The Giants looked very bad in this game, not looking like the Giants none of us are used to seeing as of late. Dallas is now within 1 game of the division lead.

Dallas also got a very big favor thanks to their other arch rivals Philadelphia and Washington both losing on Sunday as well. The Eagles played the horrible Oakland Raiders and just looked very bad losing 13-9, and struggling all around. I did not see the game but from the highlights Oakland looked as if they were the better team on Sunday. That is saying something considering the Eagles and there aspirations of a Super Bowl this year.

The Redskins could have stayed in the division race, the only thing standing in their way is yet another team who had not won a game prior to playing Washington. Once again the Skins gave a winless team a win. There will be changes in DC, that I am positive. In all likelihood the Redskins will finish 4th in the division and miss the playoffs.

In other news, I would like to touch on the subject of our quarterback the talented Mr. Romo. I was watching the pre-game show on FOX yesterday morning and Micheal Strahan was talking about some fake trades he would like done. Strahan said, “I want to see Tony Romo traded to Cleveland for Brady Quinn and a couple of first rounders so the Cowboys fans will realize how good this guy is.” Now I hated Strahan as a Giant but that right there is the ultimate respect. Obviously, Strahan has been hearing the moaning and complaining from most Cowboys fans because Romo is not perfect. He is not Manning or Brady.

We need to realize, we have a precious commodity here that other teams would kill to have. Even Michael Strahan realized it.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Yesterday proved that everything is different week to week. A few weeks back New Orleans struggled most of the game in Buffalo and pulled out a win. Yesterday New Orleans destroys the Giants. The Giants a week ealier destroyed the Raiders, who yesterday beat the Eagles. Last week Seattle beat up on the 49ers and yesterday they get crushed by the Cardinals. The NFL is week to week. No easy games. I don’t care what the teams record shows.
    I watched most of the Philly-Oak game. Oakland came to play. No doubt about it. But it didn’t help that the Philly receivers were dropping passes all day. Fargus for the Raiders was running like a madman, but Russell is still one of the worse QBs in the league.

  2. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    I knew the Giants would lose because if it wasn’t for a few things in our game they would have been 4-1 going into New Orleans. The statement from Strahan was true and this same line was said by Deion Sanders, everyone knows it and most of us do too. Romo is ten times better then anyone else that we could trade him for.

  3. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    shoot forget that lol Romo is 10 times better than most qb’s in the league period he has so much raw talent just needs to harness his abilitoies he will be great

    hmmis Mike Sg=hanahan in our future?? afterall he loves mobile quarterbacks that naked boot and the zone blocking system won him championships in denver

    we need to make a serious push for either Shanahan or Bill Cowher


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