Getting Healthy for Atlanta and a Trade Offer?

The Cowboys have made it past their bye week and now they are getting ready for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. It’s a very important conference game and the Cowboys need to come out ready to play. First order of business is getting the injured players back on the field. Felix Jones, Roy Williams and Gerald Sensabugh all practiced Wednesday and should be ready for the Falcons as reported by

Gerald Sensabaugh will wear a cast on his thumb on Sunday, but believes it will not affect him.

“I can play like this,” Sensabaugh said. “It felt good today. I did all the drills. They padded it up a little bit so I wouldn’t hurt anybody, which is what they have to do for the game … I was able to catch some balls. I dropped some too.”

Felix Jones said he is still feeling some pain, which is a concern. But should also be ready come Sunday.

“It’s still there (pain in knee) a little bit, but if feels a lot better,” Jones said after Wednesday’s practice. “One day at a time is all I can do.”

“I’m getting there,” Jones said. “That’s all I can go by right now.”

Roy Williams seems to be ready to go also. I guess you can tell by what seems to be sarcastic comments to reporters.

On how does it feel to be back – “It’s all the same. Nothings changed.”

On his bruised ribs – “It’s all the same. Ain’t nothing changed.”

On if he’s excited to be back – “I’m excited. There’s only 1,696 of us that get to play this game so every week is a good week.”

Other Injuries

In other injury news is reporting that both Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware are suffering from fractures that will not keep them from playing Sunday. Barber suffered a fractured left thumb during the Kansas City game and Ware has a stress fracture in his foot. It was not reported when Ware suffered the injury.

Crayton Upset

Now that Miles Austin has been promoted to the starting lineup against the Atlanta Falcons as reported by That means someone has been bumped from the starting lineup. As we all know, that player is Patrick Crayton. I find it amazing when reading the articles about this story that no one seems to be on the same page. Crayton says he wished someone has approached him to tell him the news and Phillips said they did speak to Crayton about it. Does anyone really know? Who do you believe?

“Miles Austin will be starting,” Phillips said. “It’s obvious, the guy had 250 yards receiving in one game. It’s hard to say you’re not going to play the guy.”

“I would have loved it,” Crayton said of being informed. “It would have been real stand-up. That’s not what happened. … Nothing was explained to me. I had the dropped pass and I had the muffed punt. Maybe that was it. … This thing is not about fair. That’s what you come to realize. Life is not fair. You’ve just got to roll with the punches.”

Said Phillips, “We discussed it with him, I have no doubt about that. I think Patrick will take it the right way and do his best. I expect nothing less from him. He’s a big part of this team.”

Also reported by, that Crayton will get the start opposite Miles Austin only if it’s decided that Roy Williams is not ready.

Trade Turned Down

Jerry Jones spoke about a major trade that was presented to the Cowboys before the trading deadline on Tuesday. No player names were mentioned, but it was said to be someone who would have made a major impact right away.

“I feel as good about what we can do this year as I did last year when I traded for Roy Williams,” Jones said as reported from

“We had a significant offer for a key player that we turned down, and turned down in getting in more extended dialogue for,” Jones said. “So we did have that kind of activity … but I shouldn’t name the player or the team. It was a very firm, significant offer for one of our young players that we had a chance for a lot of consideration if we had wanted to take it, and we didn’t.” Reported by

Also reported by that when Jerry Jones was asked if Tashard Choice was part of the trade offer Jones said no. But said the Cowboys were offered a first day draft pick in 2010. Jones declined the trade offer because of how important the Dallas player is for the team this season.

“We could have probably made a “now” impact and just bolstered a position and significantly, and obviously we would have had a takeaway since it’s a young player for the future,” Jones said. “By the same token, and I’m talking about the type of consideration, first- or second-round type consideration, but the bottom line is this, had I not thought that we needed that player right now as opposed to pushing forward in consideration for picks in the future, then I would have taken the pick option on it rather than the player.”

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  1. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    I heard on ESPN the trade was trying to get Martellus Bennett they did not say which team or what the offer was though

  2. soberstar06
    soberstar06 says:

    ESPNB Reprted it was the Bengals who had interest in aquiring Bennett and I said it all along prior to the opening season that Austin should be starting on the opposit side of Williams.


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