Going Back to His Roots

With every thing that Tony Romo has gone through in his short NFL career as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Today may have been the best thing to happen to him. No, he didn’t go back to Cabo, which is one of the things people hold against him along with not being able to win a big game in December and January.

Tony Romo went back to college today. Back to Eastern Illinois where he played quarterback from 2000-02. Romo was inducted into the Eastern Illinois Hall of Fame and had his number 17 jersey retired by the school. Romo is the first player in the schools history to have his number retired.

While playing quarterback for Eastern Illinois Romo was named Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year three times. He led the Panthers to three straight Football Championship Subdivision playoff appearances. Romo finished his college career with a school record 85 touchdown passes. He also threw for 8,212 yards.

“This is a humbling experience for me to say the least,” Romo told the crowd of a couple hundred. “It is definitely proud and meaningful to you but you never get their alone.”

“You don’t expect it,” he said. “It’s almost embarrassing that everybody wants to look at you and tell you that you did something good.”

“The time I had here was an unbelievable time in my life, helped shape me in a lot of ways to become the person that I am today,” Romo said.

“It was such an honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame here, and with the jersey ceremony, it holds a special place in your heart,” Romo said. “This is a very rewarding experience.”

Maybe this will do Tony Romo good. Maybe it’s just what the doctor ordered. Remembering his college days and all the success he had. Remembering that he was having fun and enjoying every moment.

The Cowboys have their bye this week. They are 3-2 in this young 2009 season. Hopefully as the Cowboys get ready for the Atlanta Falcons and the rest of their 2009 opponents Tony Romo will look back and remember his roots at Eastern Illinois University.

“I expect our team to continue to grow,” Romo said. “We’re improving as the year’s moving along. For us, it’s all about improvement and stacking some wins together. If we’re playing good football at the end of the year, we’ve got a chance to be where we want to be.”

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  1. April
    April says:

    I’m sure being the Qb for the Dallas Cowboys is not easy at all. There’s so much pressure and with the way the media is and the media outlets are these days every time Romo sneezes we know about it. Fans don’t appreciate you or support you when you have a bad day. Haters are going to Hate. This was really a good thing for Romos Confidence and I appreciate EIC for taking care of one of their own. Congrats Romo I hope one day your Dallas Cowboys Jersey #9 will be retired also.

  2. Ryan Kendrick
    Ryan Kendrick says:

    Romo is the best QB since Aikman was here. Yall haters quit all of your B******* and honor the fact that we have a really good QB. Congrats to Tony in his accomplishments. Keep on striving for greatness and you’ll come out on top.

  3. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    You beat me to this Rob, I had just read it on ESPN and was ready to start posting. Nice job. I’m really happy for Romo and maybe it sparks something inside of him that we can see against Atlanta next week.

  4. BoysBaby~
    BoysBaby~ says:

    I have always loved the Cowboys, but latley I have a love hate feeling for them going on! Don’t get me wrong they will always be my number 1, but they need to get their shit together, they couldn’t even beat the Chiefs in 4 quarters! They should have beat them with their eyes closed! But their fuckin lazy! and need to pay attention, and stop making so many damn mistakes. Romo just needs to make sure he is throwing to the player wearing the same kind of jersey he is. Next they need to get rid of Bobby Carpenter, he is the meaning of Lazy. I’m so sorry but I can’t stand him even if he is a Cowboy! Cowboys have a lot of rebuilding to Do! Wade needs to grow some balls and start holding these players accountable!

    • Rob V.
      Rob V. says:

      If you are a Cowboys fan than the word hate should never be said. Sure we are disappointed at some of the things this season, but we are 3-2. This the NFL and there are no such things as easy victories. Look at the Raiders. They get killed by the Giants, then beat Philly, while the Giants are getting killed by the Saints. You can not tell from week to week.


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