Inefficiency – Offense and Defense

wadepAs I watched the Cowboys squeak by the winless Kansas City Chiefs, I could see that my prediction was coming true. I told all of my coworkers that this game would probably turn out like this. It seems that for the last couple of years every time the Cowboys play against a team they should beat, that team looks like world beaters and that they could win the Super Bowl. I am not sure what it is, but it should not be this way. We should be able to beat teams like this, everyone else does so why not us?

This year it can be explained by inefficiency on both the offense and defense. I am not sure what is wrong with the offense, some of it is untimely penalties, you know the ones that come in the redzone or after we make a big play. Penalties are really killing us. It seems that the coaches do not make the players accountable.

After Flozell Adams’ third or fourth false start or holding call, I don’t see Coach Phillips get mad or anything. Matter of fact, what coach is yelling at him? No one that I can see. Flozell is a good player, but he has been the most penalized player in the last two years and probably will be again this year. It makes no sense to me at all and if it is not a penalty he is getting beat. I think he should be benched, but the coaching staff obviously does not feel the same way.

Then there is the defense. I have seen in the last couple of years, every time we go down and score the defense just lets the other team come right back down the field and score themselves. I just knew when we scored on Sunday that the Chiefs would be able to march back and tie the game, I just knew it.

The defense is preventing us from winning. The defense has been inconsistent just as much as the offense has. Yes, Miles Austin was able to get 10 catches for 250 yards, but we did not do much for the first three quarters of the game. It seemed fumbles and punts were all that we were good at.

The Cowboys have a lot of work to do and someone needs take this seriously, especially the penalties. Hold players accountable for mistakes.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    One game without Flozell and everyone will change their mind about him, guaranteed!

    Its obvious that this team is not a championship team yet, they know that, the fans know that and the media certainly knows it.

    But they didn’t give up and they came away with the win. Now they are 1 game over .500 and a tough road in front of them.

    Will they adjust and start playing like the team we know they can be?

    Only time will tell, thats why we play the full season right? Right.

  2. james edwards
    james edwards says:

    simple no big play threat


    Austin was that big play guy and so was Choice

  3. William Howell
    William Howell says:

    Kelly, I understand that Flozell is a good player and we might be in trouble without him, but why is no one getting onto him when makes the bonehead penalties or lets Romo get sacked before he can even look down field? After stupid penalties or blown assignments Wade Phillips should be throwing the headset and up in someone’s face, especially after this happens continually. I love my Cowboys, but they need someone who can get in their faces and tell they are screwing up. It is a long season and we will see what happens. GO COWBOYS!

    • Kelly Horn
      Kelly Horn says:

      Wade Phillips just isnt that type of guy. All of those offsides in a row was just flat out embarrassing! Im not saying they shouldnt be held accountable but Wade isnt going to get up in their faces and scream or bench someone because they screwed up. At least thats the feeling I get from him since hes been in Dallas.

      Yeah, maybe we need that type of coach but do you think someone with that type of character will work under Jerry Jones? Something to think about.

      • William Howell
        William Howell says:

        Kelly, I know Wade Phillips is not that kind of coach, but I think someone has to be. How do we get the players to stop making stupid penalties? There has to be a way to correct the problem.

  4. April
    April says:

    As Fans on the outside looking in we don’t really know whats going on behind closed doors. While it doesn’t appear that Wade Phillips is holding people accountable on the sidelines we don’t know how he handles things behind closed doors. The penalties are truly dissappointing and the other drive killing errors are as well. The Boys could be 5-0 unfortunately they don’t know who they are yet hopefully they can figure this out before Atlanta. I personally believe they will get better. As I think about the 2 games we lost all I can say is Wow! One interception less in the Giants game and One Tackle away from a Victory in makes me laugh and cry and scratch my head Thinking they probably feel the same way. Go Cowboys!

  5. C Moore
    C Moore says:

    This teams 3-2. Could be 5-0. I agree that this team, our Cowboys are probably the most inconsistent team throughout the league through an entire game. No one is arguing that, I don’t think? In my opinion, the bye week couldn’t of come at a better time. We’re struggling, yes. Mainly due to injuries, if we had everyone healthy at the same time, I believe we’d be unstoppable! Felix’s speed, Marion’s power, and Tashard, which is the best of both worlds. Along with a healthy receiving core.

    I think back to the last few Superbowl winners. The QB’s always had “go-to guys” We haven’t really had that through the first 4 games this year, beyond Jason Witten and you can’t rely on your tight-end all the time, can you? No. I think with the emergence of Miles Austin, Tony Romo now has that receiver he trusts! I know it’s one game, and maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I believe it. If he gets to start consistently who knows what he can accomplish. As far as the RB situation, I PERSONALLY think that Tashard should be the starter, and Marion should go back to his role of the closer that he had a couple years ago. But that’s just me.

    The way I see it, this team has a chance to be 5-2 on the brink of going into a big divisional game against Philadelphia week 8. In all honesty that’s where they should want to be. Especially with all the adversity this team has faced this season. I’m just saying have faith that during the next two weeks they’ll figure it out and start rollin’.

    As far as Wade Phillips goes. All I can is that if Jerry still believes in him after this season, he’s go an option for next year. Somethin tells me that he’ll be gone, but you never know how this season’s gonna turn out. Wait and see folks, wait and see. That’s why they play the games. I think it’s funny that in reality, we have the same record as the Patriots and the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers, but no one is near as worried or concerned about them. They’ll still be there at the end, you know it and I know it. I guess it’s all part of being the Dallas Cowboys. And living up to the hype. That’s all I can say.

    They’ll rest up during the week, get healthy and come back hard against Atlanta.



  6. nate
    nate says:

    after the bye, all the healthy players and weapons in the world wont matter at all if the dc and oc dont get their heads out of their backsides…


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