Is Lack Of A Contract Affecting Ware On The Field

wareBack in July, I expressed my concerns over the lack of progress in the DeMarcus Ware contract negotiations.

One of my biggest fears was that it would become a distraction if we didn’t get Ware signed before the season.

I even wondered if it would cause Ware to be somewhat tentative on the field for fear of getting hurt and jeopardizing the potential for a big contract.

Now I’m left wondering if the lack of any financial security has anything to do with the lack of sacks, coming from the 2009 NFL sacks leader.

Ware is only earning $1 million dollars this season while others in his class are making 5-10 times as much. He will become a restricted free agent after this season. Why is Jerry Jones dragging his heels on one of the teams core players?

Tony Romo got his payday, and yet the teams true MVP and only Pro Bowler for the last three consecutive seasons, continues to dangle in the wind. Is this anyway to treat the teams most accomplished star?

Back in September, Ware’s agent expressed concern.

“I don’t want it to be and I know they don’t want it to be a distraction for DeMarcus,” Dye said. “Up to this point, it hasn’t been, and we’ll do our best not to let it be, but until you reach a result or have a result, how do you measure progress?”

In 2008 Ware recorded 20 sacks to lead the NFL. He also had his first 100 tackle season along with eight tackles for losses and six forced fumbles. So far in Ware’s young career he has recorded 299 tackles, 53.5 sacks, 61.0 tackles for a loss, 18 forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries (one of which he returned 69 yards for a touchdown), 13 passes defended and one interception which he returned 41 yards for a touchdown in 64 NFL games.

However, in three games in 2009, Ware has registered zero sacks and ranks sixth on the team in tackles with 11.

You can call it an unfortunate coincidence or you can conclude that Ware may not be going full throttle for fear of getting hurt and left without a contract.

It’s time for Jerry Jones to do the right thing and give Ware his just rewards.

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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    I’m afraid that you may be right on this one, sir. I agree with you that Ware is probably not going all out because of the contract situation. Jerry is a fool for not already signing Ware and giving him the money that he deserves. It’s a shame that there are less talented players out there that are making a whole lot more than him.

    He needs his contract and we need him to be as productive as he can be. I don’t believe we have a shot without Ware doing what he does best.

  2. jsoliz69
    jsoliz69 says:

    Maybe he waiting for a stimulus package from the Prez…cut romo’s pay and pay the players that are actually worth what they do and try to win everytime they go to that field.What has romo done nothing and yet they still say he is an awsome player.Bet Troy Aickman just gets sick in his stomache every game he commentates of the cowboys….just pay his contract off and maybe some other team will pick him up and sign romo just like they did t.o.


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