It Was More Than A Win, It Was A Defining Moment

I felt every emotion that you could possibly feel during Sunday’s win over the Chiefs. I went from being embarrassed by all the penalties and disappointed by the bad plays, to being thrilled by Choice setting the pace for the offense that culminated in the exhilarating feeling of seeing Miles Austin make the game ending catch and sprint into the end zone.

Austin made me so proud and I’m so happy that we have such an emerging presence in the receiving corps. It looks like the Cowboys will be rewarded for sticking with him.

I saw some raw emotion from every player that played in the game. The team seemed to come together and believe in each other.

There was no finger pointing afterward, just a feeling of relief and accomplishment. At least for that day, they were a team in every sense of the word. A team that wanted the win and where determined to get it.

Players stepped up on special teams and on defense as well. Many of our players stepped up for the players that were struggling. One example being how Tashard Choice upped his performance while his teammate Marion Barber struggled. It seemed to set the tone for the rest of the game as many silent heroes followed his lead and shone brightly and stole the spotlight from the stars. Keith Brooking was a dominating presence on defense.

It’s wasn’t a well played game by any stretch of the imagination. We were expected to romp over a poor Chiefs team and instead it turned into a street brawl. We did everything you can do to give the game away. There were missed extra points, dropped touchdown passes, penalties on both sides of the ball, fumbles, etc. But somehow, the Cowboys dug down deep inside and they kept battling and struggling until finally being rewarded for their intense perseverance and boundless determination. It was something to behold and it’s been a while since we saw that kind of grit and heart on the gridiron.

The sheer exuberance of the moment came at the end when the team rushed to the end zone to celebrate and relish the moment with an exalted Miles Austin whose touchdown lifted the team’s spirit to an ultimate high. It really choked me up. It was the moment I had long been waiting for this season from this team.

In the last few years, the Cowboys have always started off strong only to fizzle away as the season drew to an end.

Maybe this year it will be different.

Maybe this year the Cowboys will only get stronger as the season wears on.

Maybe this year… the Cowboys will have saved their best for last.

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  1. April
    April says:

    Raina I’m so glad you posted this. I wasn’t able to watch the gave live so I had to catch it on the NFL network. I was able to see that TEAM that came together and decided they were’nt about to lose this game. I have watched the ending with the team huddled on the ground around Miles like he just won them the Superbowl. I believe this is the team thats going to do great things going forward.

    • Webstar
      Webstar says:

      Yeah April they did come together as a team and I think that the way they won was better than a blowout. Don’t get me wrong they played sloppy and made alot of mistakes that can’t continue to happen, but they need to pull out a tough game in the end and finish strong. That’s been the knock on this team for the past few years. We can’t finish games or the season strong. his win will propell this team and I would’t be suprised if we come out and rout the Falcons. 35-17

  2. Webstar
    Webstar says:

    The Cowboys are gonna build on this win and come back strong. We’ll be getting a few players back from injury next week and a couple more in the following weeks. We signed a veteran return man to help the special teams unit and Romo found his other go to guy besides, Witten. Once Felix comes back Austin and Roy will get more one on one coverage down field and Witten will work the middle. We need to be finding ways to get Marty B the ball because he can really cause some match-up problems. For the first time in years this team will be under the radar without all the Superbowl or bust expectations. They can just go out and play football and I believe that we will be one of the last teams standing in the end. No one has noticed the fact that this team is built to play in Nov., December, and January better than in previous years. Just watch how when we make the playoffs all the analyst on ESPN jump on the wagon.

  3. Raina
    Raina says:

    Thanks for the comments! Webstar ESPN will eating all the crap they have said this season won’t they? They are not welcome on our wagon. lol


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