Sigh Of Relief

Monday night, September 27, 2009 at 7:25pm.  As the stadium seats fill up, anticipation is in the air. Coming off of a disappointing loss to the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys were looking to win their first game in their new stadium. As the captains of each team leave the middle of the field, Tony Romo waits on the sideline to redeem himself from the 3 interceptions he threw last week.

First play from scrimmage, Tony Romo completes a pass in the flat to Felix Jones for a 20 yard gain. As the game progresses on, Romo continues to complete his passes with precision.  Each completed pass, builds the atmosphere in the air.  In the back of everyone’s mind, thoughts of last week’s flaws run through our heads.

11:06 to go in the 2nd quarter, Romo completes a pass to Jason Witten for a 9 yard gain. Even though the pass did not give Dallas the first down they needed to continue the drive, and Dallas has to punt the ball away, cheers were heard from the crowd.   At the end of the first half, Romo had thrown for 132 yards going 13 for 21 with 0 interceptions. With everyone watching the play of Tony Romo, The defense was playing just as good if not better.  As the game continued in the 2nd half, Dallas defense stole the show when Terrance Newman intercepted a pass from Jake Delhomme at the 5:15 point of the 2nd half, and “took it to the house” for a pick 6.

The Dallas defense had finally showed up and solidified, not only the first win in the new stadium, but convincing all the critics out there that this year, they mean business.  As Tony Romo kneels down with only :46 seconds to go until the game was over, there was a sound heard round the NFL world.  Tony Romo had thrown for 255 yards with 0 interceptions. The sound you heard, was a “SIGH OF RELIEF”, coming from Dallas stadium, everyone knowing, with a performance like that from the whole team, only good things were to come.

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  1. Darrell S. Pestana
    Darrell S. Pestana says:

    We were reminded once again on Sunday, of Danny White, and Babe Laufenberg. No one is a bigger fan of the boys in blue than I. No one felt more dissapointment than I when the ‘Boys lost Superbowl V by that late Baltimore field goal. No one was more exhillerated by their destruction of The Miami Dolphins the following year…still the closest thing to a shutout in Superbowl history. But that was then his is now, I think Tony Romo has potential, I think he can step up, an prove the critics wrong. But until he does…he cannot be compared to Brett Favre,or Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach, or indeed enen Danny White, until Tony grows up and plays like plays a Cowboy. I don’t think you can compare him to anyone, except maybe the few who have come and gone like Ryan Leaf, who made a big noise but turned out to be a lot of sound and fury, but signified nothing.


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