Crayton Is Moaning And Williams Is Groaning

When Wade Phillips correctly made the move to promote wide receiver Miles Austin to the starting offense, replacing Patrick Crayton, I bet he never expected to get so much blow-back.

To begin, on Wednesday, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton called out his coaches for the way they handled his demotion to third on the depth chart behind Miles Austin.

Crayton said he learned about the demotion when Austin lined up opposite Roy Williams in the two-wide receiver set Monday. Crayton cried foul and said he deserved an explanation about the change from  head coach Wade Phillips.

“I would have loved it,” Crayton said. “It would have been real stand-up. That’s not what happened. … Nothing was explained to me.”

Wade Phillips disagreed and responded by saying,

“We discussed it with him,” Phillips said. “I have no doubt about that.”

It’s been a bad week for Crayton who also lost his job returning punts to newly signed return specialist Allen Rossum.

What did Crayton expect Wade Phillips to do?

Starting in place of injured Roy Williams, Austin was absolutely spectacular and set a club record with 250 receiving yards against the Chiefs.

In six years, Crayton has been given plenty of time to impress, but has mostly looked mediocre at best. And speaking of looking mediocre, the same can be said of Roy Williams who was signed to a huge deal after the Cowboys gave up two draft picks for him including their first round pick. We have yet to see any return on that end of the spectrum.

After sitting out last week with an injury, Williams has declared himself 100 percent healthy for tomorrows game against the Falcons. According to Williams, he’s good to go.

The Dallas Morning News reminds us that this week marked Williams’ one-year anniversary with the team since he came from Detroit at last year’s trade deadline. He’s played in 14 games for Dallas and has only 30 catches for 412 yards and two touchdowns. Ouch!

“It’s OK. I mean very average, if not below average,” he said. “You hope that you don’t have to do it, but sometimes you got to dial 911, and I’m waiting on 911 to be dialed up. Hopefully 911 refers to [quarterback Tony] Romo [uniform No. 9] and myself [ No. 11], not an emergency situation.”

If Williams doesn’t start producing soon, it will be the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones that will be dialing 911. Williams says that it is taking time for him and Tony Romo to adjust to each other, but I find it odd that Miles Austin had no such problem… neither did Terrell Owens.

Actually, Williams isn’t that bad as a receiver, he did haul in that amazing $45 million dollar spiral from Jerry Jones last season. And he reminded a disgruntled fan about it according to the same report in the Dallas Morning News.

“An OU fan said, ‘You suck. You get paid $40 million. You suck,’ ” Williams said. “I said, ‘Actually I got $45 million.’

Great answer Roy… Nice job… Real classy…

So let me wrap this up…

Basically, it’s time for Patrick Crayton to stop moaning and support his teammate Miles Austin who EARNED the starting job, and it’s also time for Roy Williams to stop groaning and get on the field and EARN that fat contract extension that so far looks like a Texas-sized bust.

Now I don’t mean to pick on poor rich Roy Williams. After all he is a Dallas Cowboy. However when he makes the kind of statements he does from week to week and seems to blame everything but kitchen sink for his lack of production, he makes it too easy to take a shot at him.

Honestly, I want nothing more than for him to succeed, but he’s shown more moves off the field than he has on the field. At some point you have to stop making excuses and start making plays. Put up or shut up.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    You have to be a team player and that includes keeping your mouth shut in front of the camera’s. He will continue to get his playing time. He’s a good player.

  2. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    I agree, if you don’t and can’t produce, allow someone else that can. Stop the crying, too bad so sad you had your turn, and you lost it. Go Cowboys!!!


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