Why Can’t They Get Open?

Patrick CraytonIt is hard to believe that we have four wide receivers on most plays, on some we have three, plus two good tight ends, yet none of them can get open. We have seen this in every game so far with the exception of Week 1 at Tampa Bay.

This game was one of the worst that we’ve seen for the Dallas offense. Every time Romo dropped back to pass, it seemed like there were no receivers going down field. When Romo did throw the ball it was either overthrown, underthrown or picked off.

What exactly is the problem this year? Even the Detroit Lions can throw to an open wide receiver, and they have only won one game out of their last 21.

I’m not sure if it is the play calling or the play execution. Whatever it is, the Cowboys need to get it corrected. We will not even make it to a .500 record if we cannot throw the ball.

We cannot depend solely on the run, as we seen against the Broncos. Sure, Denver has the number one defense in the league, but could we at least complete something when we need to? Romo completed 25 passes, but they were passes that only netted a couple of yards (with the exception of one to Sam Hurd in the final minutes).

Oh yeah, then there was the slant pattern two times in a row to Hurd in the last 30 seconds. I know we have better plays than that.

This week we may be without Roy Williams. Kevin Ogletree needs to come in and do something, along with the other receivers. Some how they need to get open.

Like most other Cowboys fans I love them and always will, but this is getting so frustrating. It does not seem to be getting any better.

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    From what I am seeing, when a defense dials up a blitz to make Tony hurry and keep him in the pocket, the wide outs are not breaking off their routes to help him out. Bennett and Witten are staying in and blocking and no one is helping him out, thus, you get 5 sacks, the most he’s taken in forever.

    Another thing, Romo needs to be let loose. He’s not the Romo we know. They have him so wound up in trying to protect the ball, he’s not being himself. They need to cut the rope and let him be himself. That last drive with Hurd as the guy, THAT was the Romo we need. Not the other one that we’re seeing. Running the ball is good, but when you can’t pass, you’re going to let the other team hang around and give them the chance to beat you.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Just my opinion, but when you look at the replays of 3rd and 4th down from last week. It sure looked like Miles Austin was open on both plays/. Romo needs to get better at checking down. He always seems so rushed and a lot of the time he doesn’t need to rush.

  3. William Howell
    William Howell says:

    Yes you both are correct, I also believe that our offensive line needs to be retooled. I think it is time to get some better lineman, I am tired of seeing holding, false start, sacks and new this year tripping… It makes no sense that we have a huge line and they cannot pass block very well. I know most of them have been with the team a while, but it may be time to get some new blood.


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