Will The Real Number One Receiver Please Stand Up

Last Sunday’s record-setting day by wide receiver Miles Austin against the Kansas City Chiefs has earned him more playing time, deservingly so. Some would even say that Austin even earned himself a starting job, but Wade Phillips isn’t officially making him one. At least not yet.

Filling in for an injured Roy Williams, Austin broke Hall of Famer Bob Hayes’ team record when he hauled in 10 catches for a new club-record of 250 yards. It was a record that had lasted 43 years.

Two of those ten catches went for touchdowns including a game-winning 60-yard catch-and-run to the end zone in overtime that beat the Chiefs 26-20.

While we debate whether Miles Austin should be a starter, I did some research and it seems to me that since the 2008 season, Austin has been out producing Roy Williams whenever he gets his hands on the ball.


It’s important to note that to get those 47 catches, Williams had been targeted twice as many times as Austin, but imagine if it were the other way around?

Austin could have easily topped 1,200 yards and who knows how many more touchdowns that would have translated to.

All I’m saying is that nobody should be surprised if Austin eventually becomes the starter and also becomes Romo’s favorite wide receiver. Austin has proven that he can hang with the best of them, and now he has the team record that proves it.

Miles Austin

Austin is no longer a secret weapon… he has made himself one of several other primary weapons on this team. Even Wade Phillips acknowledged that on Monday when he said,

“He’s too big of a threat, and he’s proven now, and I think we have confidence in him. I’m talking ‘we’ — the offense, the quarterback, so forth,” Phillips said. “He can make a play that we think he can make, so we have to get him the ball more.”
You may remember that after the the Cowboys released Terrell Owens, Jerry Jones said something that many fans including myself, found insane.

He said that one of the reasons he let T.O. go, was because of the emergence of Miles Austin who had that same big play, game-breaking ability.

Maybe J.J. wasn’t so crazy afterall.

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    these stats tell me romo and garrett have been garbage. i know roy. dont forget why austin was starting in the first place.

    • nate
      nate says:

      take away the last game and austin’s 18 for 359 yds. romo was more “on” than he’s been all year. of those twice as many passes that roy has been “targeted”, how many were behind, in front of, above and two yards in front of (in the ground)? example: the one that got him killed last game…the same type of pass that crayton said “forget it” on, one play earlier…ive seen roy drop at least one pass in each game this year, too, so im not saying he’s perfect, but he has a hell of a lot better hands than our former #1…romo’s accuracy was better when t.o. was on the team, for what ever reason, and t.o. used to make us all scream at the amount of drops he had…why is marty b not getting any passes? how about witten? remember who designs these plays…instead of focusing on the personell, why not get to the root of the problem? wade and garrett have been worse than my local high-school coaches…anyone with half a football brain that watches the cowboys play this year could call better plays on both sides of the ball…i know it…we scream at wade to have his corners pressing when its 3rd and 7 all day long…what does the other team do? run a slant in front of our clueless secondeary for 7+ yards…on offense…garrett calls a barber run for 6 yards…next play a draw up the middle for 2…flo false starts and on 3rd down we go 3 wide and romo gets pressured into throwing a garbage pass….punt….brilliant!

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Garbage common man, the expectations of this team are way to high thus setting a huge dissapointment as fans. This is not the most talented team in the league not on a championship level liek 07. The Cowboys are in teh process of finding themselves they do not know who or what they are and Felix being out so much does not help.

    Austin may be our answer to the big play problem but our team is not garbage. We will make the playoffs and we will make teams remember the day they played the Dallas Cowboys.

    • nate
      nate says:

      yes, james, garbage…im not saying its all romo’s fault but jason garrett showed his ability with his playcalling in his first season…he’s been steadily declining since…since he is capable and simply not doing it, makes him garbage in my eyes…garrett should step up or get the hell out

    • April
      April says:

      Nate throw out your rose colored glasses and lower your expectations see this team for what they are right now and you won’t be so angry. Acceptance is the first step. celebrate the little victories along the way and you may be surprised at the end of the year. If it doesn’t turn out like you hoped in the beginning than they were exactly who you thought they were. Enjoy the Journey 🙂

  3. nate
    nate says:

    thats actually some really good advice. ill try that. im going to the atlanta game next week and i really need an attitude adjustment so i can enjoy it to the fullest.

  4. Justin
    Justin says:

    Hold on now…. I’ve been reading every article published on this website (and its wonderfully put together by the way) pretty much since this website has opened, and coming from another Die Hard Cowboy fan, I have a little bit to say…. Miles Austin = Amazing… last game that is… Patrick Crayton… had a couple of bad games lately. HOWEVER, who was up and about in week 1 screaming we have the best receiver ever when Patrick Crayton went for his 80 yard touchdown? Miles Austin played that game as well… Do I agree with giving more playing time to Miles Austin? Absolutely! The man has earned it, HOWEVER, should we boot Crayton to the bench? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Crayton has proved that he can play and that he can be effective for the most part! Romo… Romo is our best Quarterback since Lord knows when and everyone wants to down him! Fine… (as previously said before) LETS TRADE HIM!!!! GET HIM OUTTA DALLAS!!! Then what? I’ll tell you what…. all of you will be crying the blues blaming Jerry for trading him! Come on Guys!! Get with the program! The man had a good GAME, not season, not career… YET! Give Credit where credit is due but please remember not to trample on the ones that have stood strong in rough times and happen to have a couple of bad games! Something else…. I played college ball… not pro… and it was hard enough… so unil you get out there and catch a ball coming about 50-60 mph at you then dont knock a receiver that does it daily!


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