Fantasy Report: Week #12 Picks

Week #12    Hot starts for this weekend


1)      A. Rodgers – GB

2)      T. Brady – NE

3)      P. Manning – IND

4)      D. Brees – NO

5)      M. Schaub – HOU


1)      C. Johnson – TEN

2)      A. Peterson – MIN

3)      C. Benson – ChI

4)      S. Jackson – STL

5)      M. Jones Drew – JAC


1)      R, Moss – NE

2)      A. Johnson – HOU

3)      L. Fitzgerald –ARZ

4)      V. Jackson – SD

5)      R. Wayne – NE


1)      D. Clark – IND

2)      V. Davis – SF

3)      A. Gates – SD

4)      T. Gonzales – ATL

5)      K. Winslow – TB

OK Guys! The Thursday Turkey Day Games so make sure you get your lineups in by Wednesday Night or Thursday morning just in case…


GB vs DET: Well Detroit had a good game but everybody worth starting is hurt so don’t bother unless C. Johnson actually plays. Start all GB Players you got, they should rack up the points.

DALLAS vs OAK: After last week not sure what to expect or should I say which team will show up? Romo’s hurting (Back), Witten’s Hurting (Foot), Barber’s hurting (Quad). Sheez, might be wise to check the pre game info before you start anybody. Even with Dallas hurting the Defense is solid, so avoid all raider players.

NYG vs DEN: This should be a great game to watch, but not to have any players in. The Giants should score but I don’t think it will be a lot. Denver is slumping but Orton should be back at QB. Still, be careful who you start here.


ARZ vs TEN: Sweet looking matchup here for Arizona. It is a must start for all Cards. With the way their schedule looks it might be a must start the rest of the way. Tenn is on a roll. Arizona’s defense is not that strong, so this looks like an above matchup for the Titans as well.

ATL vs TB: Atlanta needs a win bad before it’s too late. Look for them to rebound here against TB. With Turner out, Snelling will start at RB. Don’t waste your time with any TB players.

BAL vs PIT: This should be a very low scoring game. I would only start players here if you don’t have a better choice. Yes that includes R. Rice.

BUFF vs MIA: Buffalo is one of the worst teams this year and has no fantasy value what so ever. The only time I would use somebody from their team is if they play TB/Jac/Det/STL. You get my point. Now Miami is playing well R. (Stoner) Williams went off last week just like I said he could. And he might just do it again!

CAR vs NYJ: I would only start RB’s from these teams. I’m hearing that they will both Run, Run and Run some more… and that the passing games will be an afterthought at best.

CHI vs MIN: Wow I hate to say this but the Bears are awful and I don’t see them bouncing back soon. Feel free to start all MIN players you got.

CIN vs CLE: Hopefully C. Benson plays, if so he is a must start. Ocho is a must start against Cleveland as well. The rest is up to you. Don’t waste your time with Cleveland, they have only scored 5 offensive touchdown in the last 15 games.

HOU vs IND: This is going to be the best fantasy game of the week. A must start for all players involved.

JAC vs SF: This also looks like a above average matchup for both teams. Neither plays defense well but both will put up some TDs!

KC vs SD: This is an above average matchup for SD and I just don’t see KC upsetting SD like they did PIT! So feel free to start your SD players and avoid KC if possible.

NE vs NO: This is going to be the best game to watch this weekend. Man, could you ask for 2 better offensives? I don’t think so. This is a must start for all players involved. Brady to Moss and Brees to everybody!

PHI vs WAS: This should be a blowout, but you never can tell. This is a above average stat day for Philly, and does Washington even have a team to start? YES! If your in a bind pick up Cartwright – RB. He is a sleeper this weekend.

STL vs SEA: As bad as both teams defenses are playing I would go ahead and start all players involved, well within reason. S. Jackson/D. Avery/J. Brown & M. Hasselbeck/J.Jones(If Playing)/N. Burleson.

That’s it folks… Have a great Thanksgiving and remember to take time to enjoy the family then sneak away to the real important things like COWBOYS FOOTBALL!


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