Jerry Wants Wade To Let “The Cat” Out Of The Bag

Felix JonesAs the Cowboys ready themselves for Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins, they will obviously  focus on getting the running game going again in addition to getting healthier.

The Cowboys are coming off of their worst showing on the ground this season, when they were only able to muster 61 yards rushing. Marion Barber led the attack (if you want to call it that) with 26 yards.

Jerry Jones is getting antsy and wants to see his playmaker Felix Jones get more touches. But truth be told, since returning from his knee injury, Felix has lacked that explosiveness that made him such a formidable weapon to begin the season.

“I’d sure like to see the ball in the hands of the players with speed and playmaking ability,” Jones said. “All of those are almost clichés when you say them, but I’d like to see him [Felix Jones] with the ball more. You don’t have to really be a sophisticated football man to step out here and watch practice and watch what Felix Jones does and understand that he needs the ball.”

Before the knee injury that he sustained in Week 3, Jones had 21 carries for 212 yards (10.1 yards a carry). Since coming back after the bye week and wearing a knee brace, he has 23 carries for 92 yards 4.0 yards a carry). Do the math…

Lately, it seems as though Felix is becoming less and less involved in the offense and he has only 16 yards in seven carries in the last two games.

jerry-jones-cowboys-ownerNormally, I hate it when an owner gets involved with the on-field management of the team. I’ve always believed that if your going to have a head coach, than let him coach. If you’re not happy with the results than go ahead and shit can the guy, but don’t undermine him by making statements to the press of all people.

As for Felix Jones, I don’t think it would have mattered whether he got 3 carries or 20 carries against Green Bay last Sunday. The Packers came to play and sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other team.

That said, I can certainly understand the apprehension of Phillips and Garrett where Felix is concerned. Felix is a small guy and so far he has shown himself to be very fragile. So not only is he not showing that amazing explosiveness we all fell in love with, but he seems tentative on the field as well. In my opinion, I think he could be favoring his knee which is still wrapped in a brace. I don’t think the guy is at 100%.

Considering the fact we have two big games within a five day period beginning on Sunday…

And throw in the fact that we have just a slim one game lead in the NFC East…

I don’t think we should be taking carries away from our healthy running backs; Marion Barber and Tashard Choice, just so we can appease the owner.

Let the people who get paid to make those decisions do their job, because now is not the time of the year to be messing around.

Jerry Jones should keep his mouth shut and his thoughts to himself, because if the team is pressured into handing the ball to a non responsive Felix Jones and it costs us the next two games, he’ll have nobody else to blame but himself.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Felix still plays for the Boys?? I look at it this way, if Felix says he is all right, but he really isn’t then he is hurting the team by being out there. If the coaches say he is all right and he really isn’t then they are the ones hurting this team. Something needs to be done. And if by some chance it’s just Garrett not putting his playmakers in the right positions to do their thing, then Garrett needs to wake up!!!!!!

  2. Raina Middleton
    Raina Middleton says:

    Who is it that is not wanting Felix to play? Coach Wade or Jason G.? Is Felix saying he is healthy? Is Felix going to do something stupid to hurt the team if he isn’t ready. NO!Felix care how many yards or carries he gets as long as the team is winning. Felix is a playmaker! No doubt, the ? is his knee. What is he saying about it.?

    JJ does need to learn when to keep his mouth closed to the press. He just added a ton of pressure on Coach Wade, Jason G. but most of all Felix himself.

  3. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Yall better stop picking on my daddy. LOL

    But really, you are right. I dont know if he was calling the coaches out by saying that, but he should have known thats how the media would take it.

    Anyways, I would like to see more of Felix from his first few games last year… where did that Felix go? Im always afraid hes going to get hurt every time he touches the ball. It definitely is a problem.

    Really, I’d have to say in my opinion our strongest back is Tashard. Or maybe hes just the one who hasnt gotten hurt yet. But at least we have 3 to choose from, not many teams are that lucky.

    One of these games we are going to tear it up on the RUN but we need to hurry.. you know its week 11?

  4. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    Choice is really the star in the running game. Felix to me isn’t 100% yet. Jerry really wants one of his own (Razorbacks) to be a star.


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