New to the Silver and Blue: Kevin Olgetree

We as fans have watched the progression of this rookie receiver from training camp, through the pre-season and the impact he has had on the offense so far this season. I wanted to know a little more about this young man that is catching our eye, so I have done a little digging and this is what I have uncovered for Starstruck readers.

OgletreeKevin Ogletree was born August 5, 1987 in Queens, New York and has grown into a perfect size for a wide receiver at 6 ft 2 inches weighing in at a 189 pounds. He attended Holy Cross High School in Queens where he was one catch away from making state history with 19 touchdown catches. Kevin’s senior year he caught 63 passes for an amazing 1,170 yards, that did make league history. His junior year he caught 40 passes for over 1,000 yards and made 10 touchdowns, not bad for a junior in high school. Not only did he make touchdowns, he also made 5 interceptions and led his team to a conference championship. Olgetree was quite the athlete, also playing basketball and baseball.

He attended College at Virginia where he studied as a sociology major. He played as a true freshman for seven games. He had his breakout year as a sophomore when he led the team with receptions. His junior year he ran back kick-offs for 274 yards. Kevin’s total stats at Virginia totaled 117 receptions for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Olgetree decided to enter the 2009 Draft after his junior season, but went unnoticed. The Cowboy scouts didn’t let him slip through the cracks and he was signed immediately following the draft. As a rookie undrafted, free agent he made the cut, and made the 53 man roster.

This young  man seems to have a dream and he is not letting the fact that he wasn’t drafted slow him down in making that dream come true. Going from the practice squad to the 5th receiver is a feat in itsself. This guy has stepped up when his number is called and shows that he has worked hard to learn routes and to be on the same page as Tony Romo.

There is no lack of blogs, or interviews to research.  He’s definitely becoming a fan favorite. He has a nice personality, being able to kid around with Marty B on his show. He wants to learn from veterans like Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton. Jerry Jones said on a phone interview that he is excited about Olgetree. He’s quick, fast and they have pushed him as a rookie to make a impact on this year’s team and Kevin has responded and made plays that helped the team.

While watching an interview on the Marty B. Show I noticed a tattoo on Kevin’s right shoulder that said “Respect” , that is something that he is earning play by play.

I don’t know about you, but Kevin you have my respect and I am sure we will be seeing more and more #85 jerseys in the stands as your stats continue to grow here in Dallas.

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  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Kevin Ogletree is absolutely the most exciting player right now on this Cowboys team because of his unrealized potential. He’s wicked fast and we don’t know how amazing he could be.

    Felix Jones hurt his fan rep just by getting hurt several times. Same with Barber.

    Dallas Cowboys fans always get excited by the latest and greatest. We’re so quick to hop from one bandwagon to another. 2-3 weeks ago, it was the Tashard Choice Bandwagon. Now it’s Kevin Ogletree.

    I’m just glad the Cowboys have so many weapons. It speaks well of what they should be able to do this December and into the playoffs.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Thanks Raina. Great post. I’ll be more than happy to comment on this post. I’ve been high on Kevin Ogletree since training camp. There is just something about this kid. I even made it a point to put him on my fantasy team before week one even though I knew he wouldn’t be playing. I just wanted him on my team. This kid is going to make a name for himself. Now he is starting to get in on some plays and making the most of the chances when he has the ball. Now I’m hearing he might be returning kicks. Congrats Kevin!!!!! Look out NFL. This tree will be around for a while.

    • Raina Middleton
      Raina Middleton says:

      I just hope the cap doesn’t hurt us when it comes to keeping all the talent we have discovered. JJ and Coach Wade have done a great job the past few years finding talent that has been over looked.

      • BUBBLE
        BUBBLE says:

        hi raina!! great article.. i admit i overlooked ogletree because i love jesse holley and was so happy he made the PS. then the season started and we started off so sloppy that i was afraid it was a repeat of last season and then ..BAM! something snapped and the boys came together like puzzle pieces and (like someone else said) there is so much talent and so many weapons on our team that it is mind boggling.. in order to memorize the players i had to begin at #1 and since ogletree is way up the line i kind of grouped him with the defense or ignored him altogether.. but not anymore. after reading your piece on him i wonder if being one catch away from making state history is what drives him.. maybe making the superbowl is the only thing that will appease him.. we can only hope so ; )

  3. April
    April says:

    I think when players have tremendous talent and they go undrafted then scouts recognize that talent and give the player an opportunity I believe most players work harder to prove that they were draft worthy.
    I believe when they are undrafted they don’t look to be superstars but they look to be apart of team and feel like they can make a contribution to winning and when their number is called you can bet they are going to make the most of their opportunity. But the key is getting them in the game when possible.


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