No I in Team

Keith BrookingTeam effort and leadership, it’s been a while since we seen the Cowboys give off this aura winning. Many people who are not fans of Romo can tell he’s different this year. Keith Brooking has brought fire to this defense. Miles Austin has opened up the offense. Did I mention Romo is different this year? The Cowboys are playing like as a unit this year.

The trouble the Cowboys faced earlier this year, for the most part, has disappeared. Crayton getting demoted, he was ticked off. What does he do? Punt returned for a touchdown, two weeks in a row. Roy Williams going down to a rib injury, we have no number one receiver. Miles Austin comes out of nowhere and becomes the new Dallas deep threat. Roy Williams made us all fear that the ghost of T.O. was still in the locker room. He made a big to do about not getting the ball. Then he comes out the next game fired up and shook up the Eagles secondary, and opened up the offense.

There must be something in the Gatorade that the Cowboys are getting, because this team is gelling very well. They’re acting like a team. Hmm, for some reason that felt funny when I wrote it. But what is causing all of this? I would have to say the leadership.

Romo, Brooking, Ware and Witten; these four guys have this team fired up. Even in the two loses; Brooking and Romo still wanted 100% out of everyone playing.

Romo mention a couple of weeks ago that the team hasn’t found its identity yet. And he was right, the team didn’t have one. After loses to the Giants and Broncos many in the media, NFL fans and even all of us were thinking the same thing. This is the same underachieving team we’re used to. No leadership and a bunch of guys who just want to be in the NFL’s biggest spotlight. After the bye week the Cowboys changed that.

There is no I in this team. We have three halfbacks, five wideouts, two tight ends; all of them weapons. The defense that fell asleep the first four games woke up. Stopping 3rd downs, rushing the quarterback, and destroying the run. Did I mention they’re getting turnovers too?

Tony Romo

Right now, the team leader is maturing in front of our eyes. He has us all thinking playoffs and beyond at this point. The funny thing is, he’s not thinking about it. He’s thinking about how can we keep this thing rolling? Did we learn our lesson on these plays we got beat on? Are we a better team now then we were last week? He’s thinking like a leader.

Of course, the media will not let us forget that Romo is bad late in the season. We get it, three bad endings Tony can’t take back. But the way he’s team is playing right now, how much are you willing to bet it might change this year?


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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Even the Romo detractors have to admit, he’s not the same careless QB of years past. I still contend that he felt he had to make plays to spur the team on. Truth is the team failed. Now everyone is doing their job and not forcing the issue until it has to be forced. I’m liking what I’m seeing from the team. Pretty optimistic.

  2. Raina Middleton
    Raina Middleton says:

    Right on. U are feeling what all Cowboy fans are. We see that leadership and play by play approach he is taking and it works.

  3. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:


  4. C Moore
    C Moore says:

    The approach life the way Tony Romo does the game…. One thing at a time, One game at a time!! We’re starting to gel and it’s #9 leading the team, something a lot of people didn’t see in him, but me, I did… I’ve supported him from day 1… I saw the fire and desire he possessed to win and be a leader, and look, I was right!! I got laughed at when I said I unconditionally backed Romo… Now all those people who laughed aren’t laughing now….. Funny how things work out huh??? I’m so proud of this team and everyone in it….. The star is shining bright!!! GO COWBOYS

  5. Jon
    Jon says:

    I havent felt this confident in the Cowboys, despite the start of this season, in 13 years! They have shown me the “light” during the 4 game win streak and im sooo stoked for second half that I can barely contain myself!!



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