Packers Break Cowboys’ Winning Streak, Dallas Loses 17-7

The Cowboys winning streak came to a halt today as the Packers beat the Boys 17-7. It was a strong defensive game on both sides but penalties, injuries and missed opportunities ruined the day.

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The most painful thing to come from this loss will be the hole that Marc Colombo leaves on the offensive line. Colombo went down in the first quarter and later it was learned that he suffered from a broken fibula. Doug Free came in to replace Colombo and immediately failed to protect Romo.

There was an injury scare with Bradie James who returned to play, and Ken Hamlin left the game with an ankle injury.

Another stinger was an arm injury to corner Mike Jenkins. He returned to play but left again for good after a few minutes.

Tony Romo also took a beating from the Green Bay defense taking five sacks, while Aaron Rodgers was sacked 4 times by Dallas. Romo ended the day 24 of 29 completions, 251 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Roy Williams caught 5 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown. Sounds good right? No, not really. He also fumbled what would have been a 41-yard completion along with a dropped pass that could have been a game changer.

Luckily the Cowboys were able to score a touchdown in the final seconds to avoid getting shutout for the first time since December 14, 2003.

The running game was basically nonexistent. The three-headed monster combined for a measly 45 yards.

Defensively things were looking pretty good, just not good enough when your offense can’t produce and injuries sideline your starters. DeMarcus Ware had two sacks and Bobby Carpenter and Stephen Bowen recorded one sack each. Jay Ratliff was quiet, however Anthony Spencer stepped up and made several great plays.

Dallas has to pray that their injuries aren’t as bad as they seem. Of course Colombo is likely out for the season, but Jenkins and Hamlin should be able to return.

The Cowboys move on with a 6-3 record, still leading the NFC East and come back home to play the Washington Redskins for the first time this season.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I heard Jenkins say he will be ready to go for next week. Leonard Davis said he will work with Doug Free all week on their communication. RW said the loss was on him. Duh!!!!

      • Rob V.
        Rob V. says:

        We should have beat the Giants, we could have beat the Broncos, but we were outplayed for the most part from the beginning against GB. You have to give them credit. Their season was on the line. With a loss they could have kissed the season goodbye. Sure we vent during the game and sometimes after it, but it’s time to move on now. Skins beware!!!!

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Nice recap. You pretty much said it all. Time to move on and look forward to beating the Redskins in Dallas. We’ll exact our revenge on them. Luckily, we are still the beasts in the east. Sometimes, even great teams can have a bad day.

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    I can’t even read the official site. All the bandwagon fans are breaking their ankles jumping off. And if I read one more post from a guy “Who’se been a fan for umpity up years…” and professes to know how this team thinks and operates I’m gonna puke!

    It’s time to move on. I never felt comfortable with this game and felt it was very losable. Well we did. Time to get ready for the Skins.

  4. Byron
    Byron says:

    The fix was on!!!
    everytime we did something good the refs threw a little yellow flag to take it away, the sack fumble by Scandrick wouldve have changed the momentum Game for good , but they called hands to the face on Jenkins I watched the replay 3 times now and still haven’t found the hands to the face and the penalty on Witten for PI was so far away from the ball there is no way they should be a calling it PI !!

    Yep it was a Conspiracy –

    Oh well bring on the Redskins !

    • Rob V.
      Rob V. says:

      The Witten penalty was correct. Does not matter how far away from the ball he is. A pick is a pick. And that is what Witten did. Not sure I can argue against many of the defesnive penalties. I know I saw a few obvious holds on the GB line that were never called. One was against Spears. The guy turned him all the way around while Grant ran past him. Spears just looked at the ref with his hands up in the air. I guess you can only get the ref to throw the flag whiel your hands are in the air if your last name is Brady.
      Skins are going down Sunday!!!!!

  5. C Moore
    C Moore says:

    In all honesty, it was a poorly played game by both teams. I mean to have the score 0-0 with 4 minutes left in the first half is pathetic, I don’t care who you are… Especially with two potent offenses! I guess give credit to the defenses and to the little yellow flag…. Idk it was just a sloppy game! The injury bug didn’t help either…. at least on our side.

    I really like how Roy took all the blame… that shows accountability, something I doubt T.O. would’ve done… he would’ve passed down blame (Although, T.O. probably wouldn’t have dropped the ball on 3rd down either.) I mean let’s face it, RW is to blame for the most part and he owned up to it….

    I know we don’t talk about him, but I really feel bad for T.O. being in Buffalo, it’s ruining his season. He’s one of the greatest WR’s of all time…. Get him outta Buffalo!! lol okay i’m done…

    The important thing is to stay together as a team this week and come back strong next week!!


  6. Raina
    Raina says:

    Tom I am so with you about these bandwagon fans. I am so tired of them.The loss is bad enough then to have all these so called fans bail and talk bad about the coaches and the players!!!!!!!!!! Find another team please we don’t take or want any fan? that call our players names or the coaches names. Have you read all the crap or these websites. Geez!

  7. KempsWifey27
    KempsWifey27 says:

    I Think Jimmy Johnson said it best during the post game show. He stated that Dallas got too comfortable. ( I think what he really wanted to say was cocky) They probably felt they could beat GB with their eyes closed..You could never get to comfortable. Never let your Guard down not matter who we play! Last week I was reading all the post and all of the sudden everyone was on the RW Bandwago.Just because Romo and RW had a good game does not mean, “OMG it’s a Miracle” they got there groove back and their clicking and all the other comments I read! . I’m so not impressed with RX at all! All I saw was blown plays and passes that he should have caught! He kind of reminds me of a former player that now plays with the Bills! I think Romo is being pressured to throw to him. Lets revisit last weeks Game againt the shegulls how many times did Romo throw to RW and not much progress, not until he threw the ball to Mr. Smiles Austin did something good happen. RW still has some work to do.I’m not saying he is a bad player, but hes not a great player either. I’m still not impressed by the man. This game is behind them now, and all we can do is look forward to next week when we play the DeadSkins, Then the Traiders on Thanksgiving. Lets hope this was a wake up call, and the Boys get their Swagger back A.S.A.P!! Let’s Get the ball to Miles more and trust me we will see a big difference!


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