Rehab For Roy and I

I remember October 14th, 2008 like it was yesterday. I was so excited to get Roy E. Williams. He would join fellow Longhorn Leonard Davis on a Cowboys team, built to make a run now. The trade surely meant the end of the T.O. era in Dallas, which I was praying for since we first signed him, despite his production on the field. I wanted to be proud of our #1 wide receiver. This was something I could not do during the T.O. era.

After seeing what Roy did at UT and in spurts in Detroit, I knew, I JUST KNEW, he would find a way to pull it all together in Dallas. I always felt sorry for him and Kitna being on such a sorry team with such a porous offensive line. Surely their numbers would have been better on a more NFL ready team. Or so I thought.

Roy WilliamsOver a year later, I find myself defending Roy to haters and fellow Cowboys fans with the same comments and I’m starting to feel like I’m the one with the problem. He continues to have the same problems on his newly acquired national stage, over and over again, like a residual haunting. (Ghost Hunters anyone?…lol)

The drops, the poor run routes, the confused look when lining up, his lack of fire, etc. is now a proven fact. I, like him, have been sighting various excuses for the barrage of complaints thrown at him. (Although he is much better at accepting the blame than I.)

So what is the solution to this problem? I’ve heard so many say that we need to drop him. Those are the same people that don’t understand the salary cap and the current economic conditions. This is not monopoly money, kids. If we know he has been a productive receiver in the past, and his contract is prohibitive of us releasing him, we must find a way to maximize his potential.

If there were such a thing, I would be his sponsor, and take him to NFL Rehab. Like an AA meeting where NFL players and their few fans left could go and figure out a way to get the monkey off their backs and get them back on track. A place where we could go with other players with alike problems and talk about it…Get it out…

Hello my name is Roy Williams…and I am an underachiever…(Crowd says) Hello Roy!

I feel so bad about this situation guys and gals. I’ve been the one preaching to you guys to get off his back and let him realize his potential here. So far, I’ve been sadly mistaken. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how Roy could get his mojo back. We need him to do well, folks. Let’s get behind him and offer some friendly advice, wadda ya say?

Roy Williams Tony Romo

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I know that you have always loved and stood by Roy but I think a lot of us have been questioning him from the start. And I know thats probably not fair. I don’t think it would be easy for anyone, and I mean ANYONE, to come in and take Owens place.

    I always want EVERY Cowboy to succeed (with the one exception being Pacman Jones). But Roy hasn’t lived up to the potential of the price that was paid. So we are just waiting and hoping that he will find himself and breakout. No one wants him to fail, except maybe one guy up in Buffalo.. lol … oh and maybe a dozen or so media outlets that are banking on it for a top story. He’s going to have to do something pretty damn spectacular before they get off his back.

    Its America’s Team and the spotlight is ALWAYS on.

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    Great article Nate! Wow I know how hard it is to do what you did in this blog. Remember the other Roy Williams? I did the same thing defending him against everyone. I feel for you. I pray for Roy and you that he can figure out what is wrong. I thought he was getting it, then he had that ut-oo moment last week.
    I feel your pain friend.

    • Joe D
      Joe D says:

      I remember how much both you and Kelly loved the other Roy Williams. In fact, until Tony Romo came along I thought Kelly only knew how to make Roy Williams graphics. Hee Hee, just kidding Kelly. 🙂

      • Kelly Horn
        Kelly Horn says:

        thats cuz we are oklahomans… in addition to that, i know how much he has done for single moms and i will always love and respect him for that. His smile always lit up the place. oh great, now you made me sad all over again!! dang it joe! LOL

  3. Joe D
    Joe D says:

    Great blog, and I know how you feel. It’s hard to admit that someone you idolize in sports is a flop, but any sports lover will tell you they’ve been there. At first I had a little hope that RW would succeed because I too felt the Det O-line sucked. But it didn’t take long to see Williams was taking too long to learn the playbook and run his routes cleanly. But the real clincher wasn’t even that. The real clincher for me was how he never caught anything that wasn’t exactly on the numbers, and even then he had a severe case of the drops. He has terrible hands. Notice how Austin and Crayton make great catches out of Romo’s overthrown or under-thrown balls.

    As for cutting him, that would be stupid at this point so I agree with you that it’s not an option. However, if we did want to drop him it wouldnt be a big deal because most of his contract was paid up front in a bonus. Very little guaranteed money remains on his deal. So if someone does come up and proves to be a better option than Williams, than go ahead and drop him. But don’t do it until you have someone that would represent an upgrade over him.

  4. Nicole V
    Nicole V says:

    Great blog, Nate. I still believe, it has to click at one point, right? I think all the pressure is getting to him and yes as a professional he should be able to handle it. But Dallas is soooo different than Detroit, everybody is under the microscope at all times. So as I said I still believe and he will contribute in a positive way this season. If not than I guess Jerry is going to have to make a decision.
    Go Cowboys

    Be safe my friend

  5. Mike C
    Mike C says:

    Excellent Blog, Nate! I wish I could offer answers, but I agree with everything that you stated & feel exactly the same way about the situation. Totally at a loss to understand why this is happening & still hoping the chemistry of Roy & Tony can grow, like it did with him & Kitna & wondering why it shouldn’t be easier because Romo & Kitna are teammates. COWBOYS FOREVER!!!

  6. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:

    911 need help its showin austin cant do it alone 9 romo 11 roy we need help we callin your number help us send backup somethin romo been there lately royy needs to get there more often to help us win but again go cowboys romo hit roy square in the face he drops it so again we didnt need him or to but i take my chance on roy less drama just wish he had to hands


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