Revenge is Sweet, So Is First Place

Every Cowboys game, no matter the expectations or what is on the line, gets me pumped up. But tonight, oh tonight was unbelievable!



















What a game! I have to say I am so proud of this team. They played with heart and gave everything they had and it paid off. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we also knew it was in our reach all we had to do was fight for it.

Now, all the doubters who kept asking the question if the Dallas Cowboys can win a big game have been silenced.

This was definitely a team effort and everyone got involved. Everyone on the field and on the sidelines did a tremendous job.

All night as Al Michaels and Cris Collingsworth continuously forced us to relive last December 28th, repeating the numbers 44-6 over and over, I never lost faith in this team. We all know what happened last year, we relived it in our minds over and over for months.

I will keep this short and sweet because we have all week to ride this winning streak – but I’d just like to repeat what I said yesterday – PAYBACK IS A BITCH PHILLY!

Coach Phillips

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  1. C Moore
    C Moore says:

    Revenge is sweet. Bottom line!

    When they were down 10-13, I recieved a bunch of flack from my dad, saying they’d blow it. All I said was, these two statements, “They’re (The Eagles) not showing me that they can beat us and with hold a comeback.” He replied “Doubt it.” Meaning they would beat us. All I said, “You watch.”

    I can’t express how proud of this team I am. We’ve been playing complete games and we all know that’s what it takes to win!! My hats off to Joe D. for coming in here and making a difference on special teams…. My hats off to Tony, although the interception streak ended, which, I thought it would, He played like the Romo we know he can!! AND Roy Williams finally showed up!! All around a great team victory! Key word: TEAM!

    I don’t know about any of you, but every SNF broadcast, all I wanna do is punch Cris Collingsworth in the nose…. He annoys the you know what outta me!! lol



  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Very good game. Hard hitting, back and forth. Hard fought division game. They are playing well and they seem to get better each week. I’m glad RW got involved in the game. In my post last week I said I hoped he would proved me wrong and against the Eagles he did just that. I’m glad to be wrong. lol. Also looks like the offense has a new weapon in Mr. Olgetree. Two very nice plays. I also like how they never gave up on the running game. Onto GB!!!

  3. Kenny M
    Kenny M says:

    I think we could’ve had a nice lead earlier in the game if Romo wasn’t focused on getting te ball to Williams…let’em cry, he catches like T.O. Get the ball to Austin and call it a day.

  4. Alan
    Alan says:

    LOL, the Philly newspapers are now saying that this just shows you how bad the NFC East has fallen. They’ll say anything to keep from giving Dallas credit for the win. They think we all suck if Philly can’t even beat Dallas. Bunch of morons. Way to get it done Boys. Go Cowboys, keep it up!!!!

    • Rob V.
      Rob V. says:

      It won’t matter either way. If Dallas loses it because they suck and have no leadership. But when teams beat Dallas they make it seem like it’s a stepping stone that they beat a team like Dallas. Enjoy the moment fellow Cowboys fans. Don’t look forward and don’t look back. Enjoy each game and it will make the season that much sweeter.

  5. Tom
    Tom says:

    Austin was doubled the entire game. Williams HAD to step up with the underneath stuff. He’s just not a guy who’s going to run the best routes and give you a fly pattern. They were’ blitz happy and Romo made them pay. Wonderful win. I love it when Eagles fans discount another team’s victory.

  6. Justin
    Justin says:

    lol… still time for change huh? I told you someone would end up doubling Ausitn and we would need Williams for that day! He came up big with a team high 5 catches for 75 yards! Told ya’ll Dallas needed to just keep it the way it was! This was a good win for us that was DEFINATELY needed but we have Green Bay (sho is descent) Washington (who always does their best against us no matter how poorly they play everyone else) and then Oakland (who is struggling but never against us) so we need to continue doing what we’re doing so after we dominate the Giants we should be sitting at 10-2 going in to the Saints game on an 8 game winning streak looking to uproot the Saints who should be by that time sitting at about an 11-1 record!!1 GET EM COWBOYS!!!!!

  7. Raina
    Raina says:

    To see this team come together makes me so so proud! They give it 110% every game. Kuddo to everyone from Jerry Jones to the ball boy! GREAT WORK!


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